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PARIS, June 17, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Nothing will ever replace the unique experience of admiring a work of art in a museum, but that does not detract from the value of the experience of viewing works of art in books or on the Internet. There are times when museums have to close their doors for days or weeks; in addition, there are millions of works of art that cannot be displayed in museums. Metaversum offers many alternatives and many different possibilities for experiencing art.

Thierry EhrmanThe CEO and founder of and its Artprice division explains it this way: The different ‘metavers’ will bring you everything from the best to the darkest. Numerous bits of this new dimension already exist and reveal tremendous potential for potential applications: while some metaverses seem to be extensions of our very real world, others invent new worlds to live in that have their own. The rules. Facebook (Meta) and Sandbox metawers are now in the headlines, but many other forms of metaverse are being created for different contexts, especially in and around the art world piece price. “

Immerse yourself in the digital world …

Over the past decade, virtual exhibitions have gradually become an option in the art world. Today, many museums, art fairs and auction houses offer virtual visits to their exhibition spaces on smartphones, tablets and computers.

This alternative approach to art allows amateurs and art practitioners to enjoy works with a highly enriched content; it is therefore complementary to traditional exhibitions; they can be admired (or re-admired) in new ways while meeting the increasing need for flexibility. The unusually high demand for NFT shows that flexibility is a key component of contemporary art consumption. Platforms that offer the ability to exchange these digital certificates are available day and night, from anywhere and around the world, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

In the past, virtual visits to exhibitions were created as photomontages; now 3D design software and artificial intelligence are used. Too Museum of Universal Art developed solutions Genesis Penthouse or spatial make it possible to place the entire art collection in the digital space with almost unlimited set design freedom.

Welcome to the other side “…

these ideas While this may seem quite questionable to the public at large, the most important projects in the NFT realm give the impression of the imminent arrival of their respective metavers. in Yuga’s laboratory the time has come: the company has launched its “Otherdeed for Otherside” has already been entered.

Yuga Labs is located inAt the top of BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) and already organizing the first virtual sale of land in its metaverse, supported by a prestigious community Second page. Huge enthusiasm for the BAYC project and the extremely attractive price of the coin ($ 305 MONKEY ~ 6 000 dollars) pushed the Ethereum blockchain beyond its limits: gas prices soared; as a result, many participants were unable to purchase the virtual plot despite paying high fees. Fortunately, designers got involved in compensating users who were missing at the auction.

The lowest price for the virtual lot is currently 2.55 ETH (~ $ 2,500), while the last monkey was sold at a public auction for $ 3.4 million.

Contemporary artist Takashi Murakami has announced that he will build a metaversum that will be the sum of all his projects;

Usually means Age 60 years when you are in the last stadium of your life; however, my works are created in such a way that their mechanism is activated after my death. So I’m actually on the starting line.

I tried to recreate a scene in a virtual world where trees bloom in full bloom at the foot of Japan’s sacred Mount Fuji. I painted a picture with digital delusions peace of the futurein which I work and undertake together with the Ministry of Finance [Murakami Flowers] be recreated in a virtual world ”.

Murakami’s design may seem a bit questionable, but without a doubt, like many other Metaverse designs, it will have some intriguing surprises in store.


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