Awards and humor on academic days

The titled volleyball players Sophia Kilgers (from left) and Eric Nestler received the university sports award from Peter Sperber, who also honored sports officer Peter Kaiser.

For the first time in two years, prof. dr hab. tie a tie for Peter Sperber. But that was the only drop of bitterness, as the cheerful chancellor of Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences (THD) said during Wednesday’s Dies academic meeting in Stadthalle 1. “Nice to see you here again, live, in real life”: joy to be “an academic celebration ”After Corona could finally take place again – and with a large number of honored guests – sailed through the entire fun Prize and Honors ceremony. Before the evening at the buffet prepared by Fridolin Artinger, the canteen chef and his team was allowed to end, the event was clarified: So far, the year’s graduates were also said goodbye at the academic ankles in the fall. As this year is 2021 and 2022 and the pandemic is calmer in the summer, Peter Sperber explained that on the one hand an earlier date was chosen. On the other hand, the farewell of around 1,500 young people will be held in a separate meeting in the future because of this large number.

Peter Sperber said there were enough reasons to celebrate: two-thirds of the international course participants remained in Germany. The eleventh technology campus opened in 2020 with the Research Center for Modern Mobility in Plattling, and the twelfth with the Bavarian Center for Innovation and Transformation in Ober Schneiding in mid-2021. The thirteenth will be held in Vilshofen in a few months. The “DeinHaus 4.0” study has just gained nationwide recognition (DZ reported), and the AlumniNet alumni association with its active chairperson, Ulrike Sauckel, is 20 years old. In the international ranking of Wuri (World Universities with real Impact) – universities with a high social impact – the company once again performed sensational, even ranking second in one category, behind the Canadian university.

Four semesters of digital learning with no personal contacts, no discourse or friction have left their mark, says Sperber. But you also derive good things from it: when it comes to digitization, you’ve taken a big step and can now combine the best of both worlds. “Perhaps for the foreseeable future, in addition to students on campus, we will have students scattered all over the world.” Sperber’s vision: They could pick up high-quality teaching from Deggendorf – for a fee that could be used for new offers. It wasn’t until the beginning of the week that DIT found out that it was one of the first four beneficiaries of the new Bavarian NewNormal funding program for combining digital and analog teaching.

This commitment came from the Ministry of Science and Culture, whose new minister Markus Blume praised the THD and its president with his “kindness and perseverance in Lower Bavaria”. The high-tech program brings many new professors to Deggendorf, and with Blume’s predecessor Bernd Sibler, much has been achieved there. Sperber now has its own filing system in the ministerial office, ‘explained Blume with a smile. THD is also the creator of innovation and technology centers with around 8,000 students across eight faculties, and the transfer of research into practice has been extremely successful thanks to its “amazing innovation ecosystem”.

Between the words of greeting, prof. Dr. Bernd Sibler, currently the district mayor in Deggendorf. Martina Heigl-Murauer from the University Council and Hannah Rott from the Students’ Convention. “They are doing great and hard work here,” he has known for years. The university is a check for the future. The district mayor believes that the cooperation with the University of Passau is especially worth mentioning in connection with the planned medical campus in Lower Bavaria. He promised the Deggendorfer the university and politics would continue to close ranks.

Medical education is also a topic for prof. medical doctor Reinhart Schüppel, chief physician at the Johannesbad clinic in Furth im Wald. In his introductory speech, he explained with great humor that in human evolution since the Stone Age, health and technology continued to develop together. THD, which offers mechanical engineering and computer science in addition to health courses, does everything right.

award ceremonies The 2021 City of Deggendorf Special Award is presented to Mayor Günther Pammer on behalf of Mayor Christian Moser Maria Teresa Wagner, bachelor’s degree awarded. She studied nursing education from 2017 to 2021. In her BA thesis, she developed new design elements for teaching in the nursing professions and dealt with the monument at the Mainkofen Clinic. It commemorates the victims of psychiatry during the National Socialist period. A particularly interested, critical and highly motivated graduate, Pammer continues, wants to use this to bring young people closer to history.

Peter Sperber awarded volleyball players the THD University Sports Award Sophia Kilgers and Eric Nestler. Both with the THD team have won the title of the Bavarian and German university champions several times. The two are now active at DJK Munich East in the third volleyball league. The university sports officer was also honored Piotr Kaiser.

dr inż. Franz Xaver Rohrl, Dr. with regard. of course Raphael Pagan, Dr. Dr. Stefan Kuspert Melanie Hazod and Dr. Michael Heigla received from the vice-president prof. dr inż. Andreas Grzemby award for doctorates. Many other college members have been honored for contributing to academic conferences and journal publications.

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