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Intensive work with a summer camp feeling

“Sebastian first saw me when I was playing the acoustic guitar alone. When I sent him the music I usually make stuffed with loads of samples, he didn’t like it. But he liked the guitar and so did I and I sing. It was good to have someone to behead me.

Florian Kreier aka Angela Aux

The soundtrack to the BR production “Charleen machtschluss” had a very unusual history. The film will hit theaters in August 2015 under the title “About the Girl”. Specially composed songs, a big band competition, musical instructions already in the script (“A song like a wide smile”) – the audience saw first-hand how it all fits together: from the involved. Includes audio samples and movie clips. Moderated by Christina Wolf (PULS), singer and composer Florian Kreier, screenwriter and producer Martin Rehbock, film composer Sebastian Pille, music producer Ralf Christian Mayer and BR TV film editor Birgit Metz, talked about their promising collaboration.

Florian Kreier |  Photo: BR / René Metzger

To put himself in the mood, Florian Kreier aka Angela Aux sings and plays the title song. He then explains how he stumbled upon the film project himself. After one of his concerts, Sebastian Pille approached him: “Hi, I’m Sebastian and I’m currently working on a film. I will contact you about the film music! ”. Flo Kreier didn’t take it that seriously and just thought, “He just wants to be important.” But he was wrong, he was on board a little later and wrote three songs for the film.

Basic musical mood

The tragic comedy “About the Girl” tells the story of a 15-year-old girl who cannot cope with growing up and who, after a failed suicide attempt, has to deal with a crazy family, a broken psychologist and a humorless aunt from a social psychiatry service. But then she suddenly gets caught in love, and suddenly the world doesn’t look mostly gray anymore.

Martin Rehbock describes the basic musical mood in his film as follows: “Charleen doesn’t really like new things. There are posters of Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and Jeff Buckley in her room. So people who create handmade music. Music in a movie should go hand in hand. ” However, not everything went as he imagined in the script, but he was delighted with the result: “We’re incredibly happy with our soundtrack and the songs that are there, there’s absolutely no reason to regret anything.”

Florian Kreier then explains exactly how his musical contribution came about. “Sebastian saw me playing the acoustic guitar alone for the first time.” But when Kreier sent him a sample in the typical Angela Aux style – “packed with loads of samples” – he didn’t like it. He preferred “reduced” music, “liked the way I play guitar and sing. It was good to have someone who forced me down, ”explains Florian Kreier.

song Contest

The big surprise came when the movie was cut: one song was still missing. This is how the idea for a song contest to be launched via PULS was born. “A great idea,” remembers Birgit Metz, who was immediately enthusiastic about it. And also a great success: almost 300 entries were submitted, three of which reached the final round via online voting. Winner: the Cat Stash duo from Regensburg, who also prefer “pure music”, as their winning song “Confidence” shows. Studio recordings were produced by vocalist and guitarist Andreas Plab and Melanie Westermeier on drums with Ralf Christian Mayer. The producer was so captivated by the style of both purebred musicians that he plans to work with them again, as he revealed to the audience. The clip shows a sample of this collaboration.

Eight different bands and artists then met in Spain to record a studio soundtrack. With Sebastian Pille as musical director: in an intense, very creative atmosphere – and there was also a bit of a “summer camp feeling” (Florian Kreier). About a Girl – a large transmedia project, which will be released in theaters on August 6, 2015.


Martin Rehbock | Writer • Producer
Sebastian’s pill | Kompozytor • Songwriter
Ralf Christian Mayer Music Producer
Florian Kreier alias Angela Aux | Songwriter • Poeta
Birgit Metz | TV film editor, TV series PB, BR


Krystyna Wilk | PULS presenter and launch pad, BR

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