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THE CIVIL WAR has made a loud comeback from Invaders after a long six years of radio silence. So we knocked on the band’s door and left them a few questions. How much SABATON is still in CIVIL WAR and how newcomers fit into the team here.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. Your first three albums were only three years away, now it’s been six years. How did the long hiatus come about?

The drums were recorded already in spring 2020, and we planned to release the album this fall. But then the pandemic started and we thought we could take it easy and continue to develop the elements. Since we were stuck in different countries and there were different circumstances that made it impossible for us to meet in person, we decided to polish the songs a bit.

Have you been writing songs that have spread over the past six years or have you done a concentrated writing session?

It used to be like that. We did a few writing sessions before the pandemic. But since Kelly (Sundown, vocalist) lives in Belgium and everything was closed, we had to finish the songs separately. But it also gave us time to rethink everything that I thought made the album even better than it was at the beginning.

Is Invaders a concept album or are the stories independent?

The stories are independent of each other, although some sing about similar themes. It is about events in India, human behavior and psyche, some fictional things and the environment. In this respect, it does not differ from other albums that also had no topic. We write about what interests us and it is not always history.

“Killer Angels,” “Gods and Generals,” and “The Last Full Measure” were a trilogy. Are the “Invaders” starting a new one?

No, that wasn’t the thought behind it. It’s more like the beginning of a new era. But who knows, maybe we’ll find a common thread for the next album. Time will tell us.

What historical events describe the songs?

If we follow events, there are few of them, at least not specific. Invaders is about the Battle of the Wabash River, Dead Man’s Glory is about the Vikings’ journey to Ireland, and then we have a few more Native American stories. Andersonville tells the story of a POW camp of the same name. But many works also leave room for interpretation.

How is working with your new singer Kelly Sundown compared to Nils Patrik Johansson?

After all, it wasn’t much different. I think Kelly was a little more passive at first because he was the “new guy”. But he grew up to his task and took his place as he got to know us and our music better. And we love the parts he helped create.

He even changed parts of the songs we had already put in stone to fit his ideas. And it was even better than we thought it would be. Maybe it will make an even bigger contribution to the next album because it’s not new anymore. He is part of the family.

Who designed the “Invaders” cover and is it based on the song?

We re-hired Peter Sallai with whom we previously worked on Gods And Generals and The Last Full Measure. I saw a picture on the internet that gave me an idea of ​​what it should look like. I introduced the idea to the others and they agreed. Then I handed it over to Peter and let him do his magic.

It is not specifically based on one song. It follows the Invaders theme with a Viking ship and a royal ship approaching the shore where a Native American warrior awaits. But different eras are represented because the Viking ship, the European ship, and the resident in the Union soldier’s jacket did not exist at the same time. But it was a good mix in my opinion.

Rikard Sundén left the team and Thobbe Englund came in for him. Is it a coincidence that you recruited another ex-member of SABATON?

When we missed a guitarist, we were a bit lost because we didn’t know who to ask. Daniel Mullback was in touch with Thobbe through his work and they talked. So we asked him if he wanted to join us, and he did. We didn’t plan it because he was also in SABATON. We’ve known him for a long time and we know he’s a great guy.

What is your relationship with SABATON and what are the main similarities and differences between the two bands?

We don’t generally have many contacts. But every time we meet her, we have fun, even though it’s been a long time because of the pandemic. We have a lot in common and differences, but the only thing I can say is that we both share a love for music and that’s all we really need.

What are your plans for the rest of 2022 and 2023?

First we will play a few festivals and then we are working on the fall tour. Let’s see what happens to this.

Thank you for your time and the last words are yours.

Thank you for your patience through the years, better times are coming. See you later!

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