Doctors’ concert at the Olympic Stadium in Munich: Royal Summary – Munich

Admittedly, the ticket says that you are not allowed to bring Nazis with you Doctors-A concert at the Olympic Stadium in Munich in very, very small letters. Somewhere among the also prohibited cans, animals and pyrotechnics are listed. Nevertheless, on this summer evening in Munich, doctors repeatedly emphasize that the stadium is now a Nazi-free zone. The printing on the ticket has already taken care of it. At least for Nazis who can read. Nevertheless, there are musical declarations of war with the right, such as in “Doof Stays Stupid” or “Scream for Love”. Better safe than sorry. After all, these songs are among the biggest hits in the band’s 40-year history, ignoring the years between the band’s disbandment in 1988 and reunification in 1993, and the band’s hiatus in 2013-2017. So they cannot be missing.

Especially at their first stadium concert in Munich, where “the best team in the world” summed up their years together in an almost royal way. With a skilful look beyond one’s nose at the entire history of rock, this evening heralds the famous theme of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. Not because its composer Richard Strauss is a real Munich child. She was playing, very strange, supposedly the worst orchestra in the world – Portsmouth Symphony – the attributed version of Zarathustra by Dirty George is perhaps the best punk tribute to the king of rock’n’roll, Elvis Presley. It was with this piece that Strauss began all his late-stage concerts. Doctors’ eyes are far and high.

Pop quotes diversify your own repertoire

Another King’s memory of the evening is the pink and green letters on Elvis’ first album in 1956. A few years later, such an inscription also adorned the album of the doctors’ concert tour “Nummus Cecidit”, which was only released for sale in the concerts of the Berlin punk band. And these are not the only pop quotes that doctors playfully tweak their own repertoire, which has already proven itself in the history of pop. Drummer Bela B. also sings a line from the Beatles classic “Within You, Without You”. And bassist, guitarist and keyboardist Rod González, whose vocalist and guitarist Farin Urlaub is considered “Miss Marple of keyboardists” because of the harpsichord sound of one of his keyboard interludes, chants Ron Goodwin’s famous music from the old Miss Marple-Film.

First of all, the brilliant trio shines with their own songs, for which they sometimes leave a planned set list at the request of the audience. “How silly it is asking for” whole milk “when I just announced a completely different track, complains Farin Urlaub. Fans thwart his moderation with cheers. They loudly wish for the song “whole milk”. And the doctors react, spontaneously fulfill a musical request, briefly and to the point – and with a slight alteration of the text. Where the singer previously stated that he was drinking whole milk, he now says, “I was drinking whole milk.” After. Almond milk is now available.

There is a relaxed atmosphere at the stadium

The lively atmosphere at the stadium finally motivates the team to expand their set even further: “If I had to build an audience, I would build you. Doctors really deserved such a great atmosphere. After all, they even dared to do it at their stadium concert, which was once again thrilling antelope gear engage as an act of opening. With the hip-hop band already playing at the sold-out Olympic Stadium last year, while there were still tickets for Doctors’ Night, they even announced Farin Urlaub that summer night as the more successful of both teams. However, last year only 200 spectators were admitted to the stadium for the Antilopen gang. At that time, there was no guest vocalist Bela B., who this time supported the hip-hop fans live on the song “Pizza”.

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