Eleventh Health Congress: Lectures and Exhibition at Furtwangen University – Furtwangen and surroundings

Everything is set in motion; The 11th Furtwangen Health Congress may begin on Wednesday. Waiting for it (from left): Sabine Behringer from Furtwangen University, Hatem Saleh from the department of health, Manfred Kühne from the university development agency, Meike Kreysing from the health network and Mayor Josef Herdner. Photo: Heimpel

In the coming week, the city of Furtwangen is expecting numerous representatives from the medical profession: on Wednesday 22 June, the health congress will enter its eleventh round.

Furtwangen – “I am delighted and grateful that we can organize the Furtwangen Health Congress again this year after the two-year Corona hiatus,” said Mayor Josef Herdner during the presentation of this important event for Furtwangen. There will be lectures at the highest level again.

Many partners and helpers contribute to success

Due to Corona, the congress was postponed again from March to June this year. Two years ago, preparations were largely completed when a pandemic struck and congress had to be canceled at the last minute.

Many partners and helpers are committed to making this event a success. The Schwarzwald-Baar health network is essential where, according to state specifications, anyone working in the field of medicine and health can connect, from physical therapists and pharmacies to clinics and the health department. Meike Kreysing from the health network and head of health department Hatem Saleh attended the presentation.

The funding society won as a sponsor

Another important partner is Furtwangen University (HFU), where Sabine Behringer is primarily responsible for the organization. Equally important is the sponsorship promotion association, represented by Professor Manfred Kühne, who is also an honorary citizen of the HFU. Finally, the city is of course involved in the organization in many different ways.

The Health Congress will start on Wednesday, June 22 at 4 p.m. The congress has become established, the organizers expect 1,000 participants. “The health congress is very important to Furtwangen in the annual calendar, a great attraction for the city,” says Herdner. We invite doctors from the region, health professionals and students. In principle, participation is open to all listeners.

Anyone can register for free

1,700 invitations were sent to health workers in and around the poviat. But, as Sabine Behringer explains, you can only write to known addresses. Congress is contingent on registration and registration. Admission and registration take place in building C in the canteen. Anyone can come and register for free. Even those who have not received an invitation but are moved by the topics are welcome. People who deal with patients are explicitly invited – be they doctors or all other medical professions from the nursing professions to physical therapy and medical assistants. You can still register at the start of the event. However, registration via e-mail gesundheitskongress@hs-furtwangen.de is desirable. On this day, parking is free throughout the city from

Further information is available online on the HFU website.

Information: Program

The official opening of the 11th Health Congress in Furtwangen will take place on Wednesday, March 22 at 17:00 with a welcome by Rector Rolf Schofer and District Administrator Sven Hinterseh. From 17:15, an impulse lecture will be held in the auditorium: guest speakers will be Werner Bartens, editor-in-chief of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and science journalist. After two years of the pandemic, both as a journalist and doctor, he takes up the topic “People, viruses, mutations – magical thinking and unrecognized threats before, during and after the pandemic”. Then, in two blocks from 18:30 to 20:15, presentations in the field of medicine, technology and science will be held at five marketplaces. The Schwarzwald-Baar-Klinikum and the university are represented by several speakers on the topics of medical technology, hygiene or lasers in the production of medical devices. The exhibition of portraits under the slogan ‘disability’ about the relationship between people, technology and society is exciting. The news of a job as a pediatric anesthesiologist in Nepal and the idea of ​​a mother’s milk bank from the University Hospital in Friborg are also remarkable. According to prof. Manfred Kühne after the program, exchange between visitors is essential, a diversified catering financed by sponsors is necessary.

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