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Online casinos and gaming platforms have not only recently had a large fan base. The number of players has been growing steadily for years. The popularity is so high that even Hollywood cannot avoid itturning casino themes into hits and indie movies.

Currently 1.4 million Germans say they play regularly at online casinos. If we add other video players to this, it becomes clear that almost 35 million Germans play regularly.

Huge market that it stays alive thanks to constant innovation and surprised the players. To keep up with the casino industry, the use of bonuses has become a common promotional tool with many providers. What bonuses are available at the casino and what do you need to pay attention to?

What are the bonuses?

New online casinos with fantastic offers is much. With so much on offer, it’s worth paying attention to detail to get the most out of these offers. Especially popular casino bonuses are the welcome bonus, reload bonus and cashback bonus. Each digital gaming platform offers at least one bonus offer. Let’s take a closer look at the three bonuses.

welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is only given to new players. In this way, suppliers want to attract new customers. Bonuses are in many cases very extensive and include bonus money and free spins. Depending on the license the casino is working with, the welcome bonuses vary in size. Casinos based on a German gambling license in particular usually offer smaller bonuses but with better wagering conditions.

Like many bonus offers, the welcome bonus is associated with a minimum deposit. With € 20, new players are eligible for the welcome bonus on most platforms. The amount of the bonus money depends on the amount of the deposit. With the 100% bonus you will receive your deposit amount again as bonus money.

Reload bonus

The reload bonus works similar to the welcome bonus. Difference, this offer is aimed at regular players who make regular deposits. The bonus is given once a week or month, which is also linked to the deposit. Some online casinos always offer a reload bonus with bonus money on Tuesdays. On Wednesday or Thursday you can top up your free spins by making a deposit. The reload bonus can refer to bonus funds, free spins or a combination of both.

cashback bonus

A very interesting form of a bonus is the cashback bonus. This is also awarded to already registered players. It relates to losses incurred by the client and is intended to improve the mood. Players’ wins and losses are usually recorded weekly. If you lose more than the limit set by the casino, you can register for a cashback bonus. As a player, you receive 10 or 15% losses as bonus money and can try your luck again.

In very few cases, a cashback bonus is already applied to wagers. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, you will always get a certain percentage of your booked stake. But this form of cashback bonus is very rare.

Loyalty programs for high motivation

Many casino providers have introduced a loyalty program or VIP club. In some cases, the casino will invite you to join a VIP club, but most sites allow players to collect Loyalty Points on their first bets. The more you play, the more loyalty points you can collect and the higher you will be promoted to the VIP level.

Each VIP level offers new benefits. For example, the percentage of cashback bonuses increases, free spins are paid out regularly even without a deposit, or the withdrawal conditions are much more favorable.

Who can claim online casino bonuses?

As already mentioned, only new players can claim the welcome bonus. This bonus is linked to the first deposit made on the platform. Thanks to cyclical bonus promotions, anyone can activate exactly the promotion that matches their gaming behavior. You just need to pay attention to the minimum deposit amount and the terms of sale. We will explain the latter in the next paragraph.

What are the wagering requirements for bonuses and offers?

The wagering requirements are almost more important than the actual bonus amount. Because only when these requirements are met, possible winnings that were achieved with free spins or with bonus money can also be withdrawn. Each bonus promotion has a fine print statement such as “40 x” or “30 x”. The lower this value, the better. With a bonus money of € 20 and a wagering requirement of € 40, you wager a total of € 800 (€ 20 x 40). If that number drops to 30, you only need to spend 600 Euros to get a plus payout. The differences are huge, so the quality of the bonus always depends on the general conditions.

Is an online casino bonus always worth it?

If you want a worthwhile casino bonus you should always pay attention to the details. The casino industry is an industry with an annual turnover of approximately 40 billion euros. Obviously this is player generated. The bonus offers are perfect for getting a slight edge in this hobby. However, this only applies if the terms of sale are acceptable and achievable.

Editors tip, sometimes it makes sense to activate a smaller bonus with low wagering requirements instead of the huge welcome bonus associated with absolutely utopian conditions that cannot be met. Thus, the fun of the game remains, and perhaps you can take home one or the other profit from bonus games.

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