Lasse and Laurits Strotmann just like working with young people

Finntrop / Bamenohl.
In the interview, Lasse and Laurits Strotmann talk about their active and youth coaching days and why they are leaving Oberliga SG Finnentrop / Bamenohl.

A great season is waiting for SG Finnentrop / Bamenohl. After a slightly bumpy start, the team from head coach Ralf Behle managed to stay in the top league quite easily. The two who will not be in Oberliga’s second season are Lasse and Laurits Strotmann. Lasse is shorter, Laurits joins SC Drolshagen in the state league. We spoke to two brothers.

First, the most important question: why are you leaving SG Finnentrop / Bamenohl?

Lasse Strotman: I have had six wonderful and extremely successful years at SG. For me, the team is made up of many more friends than my teammates. Therefore, this decision is quite difficult for me, but it has always been clear to me that the work of the coach will come to the fore at some point. As I have the opportunity to train SC Paderborn’s U14 in the new season, it quickly became clear that I would accept this offer. Of course, the task is very time-consuming, so I don’t have time to race with top league football anymore. I don’t want to completely give up on my soccer boots yet, but I’ll wait and see what time brings.

Strotman Laurita: I also had four nice years at SG Finnentrop / Bamenohl, getting promoted from A-Youth to the district league, going up to the Oberliga and staying in the Oberliga on. Plus, there’s a great team on and off the pitch. However, I never got a long-term clear chance during this time, despite good performances and a good goal limit. This step was not easy for me, but it was late because as a young player you need a lot of time to play. I chose SC Drolshagen because SC Drolshagen is a top tier club with a clear concept.

What was the secret of SG Finnentrop / Bamenohl’s success last season?

Lasse Strotman: It took a while for all of us to get used to the pace of the Oberliga. However, we knew that if we did manage to do the adjustment correctly, there would be enough points to stay high. And that’s exactly what you’ve seen in the games of the entire previous series. I think we’ve gotten even stronger, especially when it comes to playing against the ball, and laid the groundwork for staying in the league.

In addition to playing activities, in your youth you also did coaching. What youth teams have you trained?

Strotman Laurita: In the season 2021/22 I trained the youth of C JSG Lennetal. From next season I will take over the youth team A JSG Lennetal in the district league and sports youth management for Lasse.

Lasse Strotman: In the last two seasons I have coached A JSG Lennetal’s youth in the district league.

When did you start and how did it come about?

Strotman Laurita: In 2018 I moved from Sunderna to A junior SG Finnentrop / Bamenohl. Phillip “Bummi” David was still looking for a D Youth Coach back then. I always learned a lot from my father and Lasse, which made my interest in coaching even greater.

Lasse Strotman: In 2017, I joined the DFB base as a trainer. I really enjoyed working with players from U12 to U15. Two years ago I also decided to train the team. As I naturally have a strong relationship with SG, it was clear that I wanted to join them. In addition, the A youth team was promoted in the district league, which of course made the task more attractive.

How do you deal with all of this over time?

Strotman Laurita: Almost every morning I work in my sports science college with a 40 hour week. It would be something else in working life. Youth training usually precedes training as a player. As a result, last season I was usually “only” on the pitch five times a week. Everything is consistent over time. That’s about 14-15 hours a week. In addition to the hours spent on the pitch, there is planning, organization, meetings and more. Of course, it will be a bit more difficult next season.

Lasse Strotman: Currently I am a school teacher in Olpe but I only work part time so I still have enough time for soccer. However, for the past two years I have been on the pitch every night. On Monday, Wednesday and Saturday I was with the youth A. On Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday I was an active player myself. For me, the number of hours that I actively spend on the pitch is about 14-15 hours a week.

Somewhat provocatively, he asked: why are you exposing yourself to this “stress”?

Strotman Laurita: Working with young people must always be the future of the association !!! There are always many able and talented players that you, as a coach, would like to develop further on a football and personal level. Especially in a club like SG Finnentrop / Bamenohl it was noticeable that the progress to the Oberliga was only possible thanks to good youth work. Players like Tim and Mike Schrage, Christopher and Phillip Hennes and Tobias Kleppel came from their own youth and were able to take these steps of development through playtime and development. It has to be a priority again in the future, no matter in which league. We want to re-initiate it at SG.

Lasse Strotman: I really enjoy developing young footballers as a player and as a person. When the training content is then implemented in the game, you can see how meticulous all the players are there and how much fun it is for them. These advances are a complete reinforcement for the trainer.

What motivates you to cope with double the burden of work, study or family, maybe even triple or quadruple?

Strotman Laurita: I would also like to work professionally in football in the future. Every experience as a trainer is important. It’s also great when you can positively influence football and the development of young footballers. Working on the pitch is great fun.

Lasse Strotman: My goal is also to work in the football business. In order to be able to pursue this goal, every experience of the trainer helps. You can not only develop your players, but also learn a lot. You are more than happy to be able to endure the effort! But of course, the support of your family, and especially your partner, is extremely important to be able to follow this path.

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