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Recently, it was no longer possible to be sure whether Elon Musk would want to buy Twitter at all. But now the tech billionaire is talking to Twitter employees about his ideas.

San Francisco

Tech billionaire Elon Musk also wants to get involved in the service’s product development following his Twitter acquisition. During a videoconference with Twitter employees, Musk said he assumed employees would listen to his feature suggestions.

Among the product ideas Musk mentioned were, for example, charging money for user verification, which is free today. He also confirmed his intention to fight automatic bot accounts.

Musk also shared how he once bought a bad product based on his ad on a YouTube video-sharing platform and did an internet search and discovered it was a scam. Musk said he wanted to prevent this from happening on Twitter.

Musk’s earlier criticism that Twitter unduly restricts free speech has also raised concerns that more false information or offensive tweets may remain on the platform under his leadership. During the videoconference, he admitted that users would leave Twitter if they were attacked or felt uncomfortable on the platform. But he also reiterated that users should be able to post “quite outrageous” things, but Twitter could limit the distribution of such tweets.

High number of users as a target

Musk said he wants Twitter to reach a billion users. According to the latest available data, Twitter has approximately 230 million daily active users to whom the service may show ads because they use their own application or web version. As a possible hint of a future direction, Musk praised the Chinese Tiktok video app for finding clips that are fun for users.

While Thursday’s interview with Musk was meant for staff only, Twitter staff shared the news from it so freely that several major US media outlets were able to blog it live.

Musk prepared Twitter employees for possible layoffs. Twitter should be financially sound – and at the moment the costs are higher than the revenues, he stressed. However, those who make a significant contribution have nothing to fear. According to Musk, valuable workers would also have a better chance of continuing to work from home. The website previously promised employees that they would not be forced to return to their offices even after the pandemic ended. But Musk has only recently set a general presence requirement for the companies it manages – electric car maker Tesla and space company SpaceX.

It’s also unclear whether Musk will eventually become the owner of Twitter. While he agreed to the acquisition with Twitter’s board of directors, it is reliant on the approval of most shareholders. At the same time, he announced the suspension of the transaction because he had doubts about the number of fake accounts. Twitter responded that Musk cannot unilaterally suspend the deal and is determined to enforce it.

While Musk is offering shareholders $ 54.20 per share, the stock closed at $ 37.36 on Thursday, down about 1.7 percent. So Musk has an incentive to renegotiate the price, while many previous shareholders are interested in selling on his current offering. The appearance in front of employees was taken as a sign that Musk was still essentially interested in purchasing Twitter. He didn’t comment on it directly in the conversation. (dpa)

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