State ministers call for a ban on advertising junk food for children Free press

Sugar bombs and fatty snacks: If consumer ministers get their way, the food industry will soon no longer be able to advertise unhealthy food to children.


Länder consumer protection ministers demanded a complete ban on advertising unhealthy food to children and adolescents.

The federal government is committed to implementing this swiftly, head of the Schleswig-Holstein department Claus Christian Claussen said Friday after a two-day ministerial conference chaired by Thuringia in Weimar. This can help you fight obesity.

Federal Food Minister Cem Özdemir explained that the federal states were thus supporting the government’s coalition plan to further restrict advertising to children of food high in sugar, fat or salt. The Länder have a special responsibility when it comes to regulating the media. The federal government will exchange information with the coordination of the broadcasting commission.

No network gaps

The consumer organization Foodwatch asked Özdemir not to leave any loopholes in such a ban. The influencer’s recommendation for junk food is perceived by children as is the advertising of cola on TV. Foodwatch referred to a report it commissioned that Özdemir was allowed to impose comprehensive advertising restrictions as federal law. A detour through the media state treaty is not necessary.

Professional and medical associations have been calling for years to limit the advertising of unhealthy food. The German alliance for noncommunicable diseases described the move as long overdue on Friday. Traffic light authorities need to act in response to their announcements and recommendations by the Länder.

In a coalition deal, the SPD, the Greens and the FDP agreed to limit the advertising of unhealthy products aimed at children. There is no bill yet.

prices are rising

Weimar ministers also reacted with concern to rising energy and food prices. Above all, low-income consumers should be protected from this. One way could be lower VAT on healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables and legumes, Hamburg Senator Anna Gallina said. A balanced diet should not fail for cost reasons.

Saarland department head Petra Berg said indebted consumer advisory services would have to be expanded with the help of the federal government. “People will only be hit by the big energy price shock in winter.”

State ministers also called on the federal government to stop fake online reviews. The legislator must establish criminal records and fines to sanction false assessments. Moreover, as requested by the ministers, the deadline for reimbursement of claims for payment in the event of flight cancellation or delay should be reduced from seven to two working days. (dpa)

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