Summer Outdoor Games: These 6 Are A Lot Of Fun!

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Exercise instead of sunbathing and sipping smoothies
With friends or family: summer outdoor games – 6 ideas that are absolutely in fashion

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Catch is a fun outdoor party game. But there are some other outdoor games that we haven’t been able to play in a long time.

Get off the sun lounger, get out of the pool because now outdoor games are being played which are a lot of fun. We present six elements that can inspire you.

Hey, there are hot days here that we like to spend with family or friends outdoors in the park or in our own garden. Then there’s the barbecue, sunbathing, and chatting – but have you noticed that all of these activities are usually done while sitting? Why not bring a little exercise into this wonderful warm day? Sure, splashing around in the pool is always an option. But what will come after that? Maybe one of those six fun outdoor games. The fun factor is absolutely guaranteed for everyone – now all you need to do is find your favorites and the fun can begin.

Outdoor games in summer – 6 fun ideas

Sure, we can read in the shade in the garden, listen to music, or let the sun shine on our bellies. But after a few hours of rest, we also need some action to keep from becoming completely lazy. It doesn’t hurt in socializing either. So go ahead, grab your loved ones and play one of these six addicting outdoor games. It not only works in the garden or park, but also on vacation at the beach.

Cornhole game: Throw bags for points

We already know throwing games like Frisbee and darts – it’s an old hat. Well, this game called Cornhole, also known as Beanbag, might be in your outdoor games collection because it’s really fun. You throw bags filled with beans or corn on a wooden board. If the bag stays in place, you will receive a point. You’ll get three times as much if you throw the bag in the hole. You can play alone or in teams. You can play one or more holes. There are more than one cornhole variant – try the one you like best. But we guarantee that playing with small bags will perfectly fill boring afternoons in the garden for both children and adults.

Ladder Golf: Another throwing duel game

And we stick to throwing because the limbs are already fit thanks to cornhole. Then you can dare to play ladder golf. What is this? Let’s explain it briefly: in front of you is a kind of ladder with rungs of different colors. At this point, you throw two balls attached to a string. These should stay at the poles. Each rod gives a different number of points. And you should collect as many as possible in your round where you have three throws to outrun your opponent.

Mölkky: Hitting numbered blocks leads to victory

They placed wooden sticks with the numbers from 1 to 12. Then throw a throwing stick at them. If a number rolls over, you get the number of points it carries. If you hit a few sticks you will get all the points they carry. Next time you throw, you’ll need to hit the sticks from a distance. Because they are always set back where they fell, and sometimes it can be a little further away.

To win you need to have 50 points on your score sheet, but if you have 48 points and you knock the baton, say 3, you will have more points than you need. This is not possible. You have to hit 50 exactly. So now you are downgraded to 25 and you have to try to hit 50 again. We certainly don’t need to explain to you that the crazy thrill comes when several players * have points in the 40s range and finally throw them. .

Blinking Chess: Those who can throw deliberately have an advantage

This brilliant off-road game is especially suitable when there are several of you. Then create two teams and try to destroy your opponent’s wooden towers with throwing sticks. If you’re successful, the competition is tasked with launching their own towers first. Only then can it attack the opposing towers. If one team demolished all of the other team’s towers, the king in the center must be defeated last. Only then can he celebrate his victory. It’s up to you what you call a brilliant game. Because it has more names than Winkingschach. There would still be Kubb or Swedish chess.

Stakk Field Game: Dice that are not thrown

When you think of bones, do you immediately think of Kniffel? It is also not a bad idea to sit in the garden at a nicely shaded table and enjoy a board game. But we wanted to move a little, right? So let’s take a look at what fun potential Stakk seems to have for both young and old.

The target shield is placed at a distance, and with your own four dice you try to get as close to it as possible. The closest cube is placed on the destination stack. So the tower grows. If you get rid of all the dice in this way, you win. But be careful: the tower can be knocked over by others. Then the knocked down cubes are to be rebuilt. However, if the team goes down twice, the game is lost.

Spikeball: A little fitness would be nice

So far, we have presented you standing games. Now we offer you a game that would require a bit of running from you. Well, that might not be the case on days with temperatures around 36 degrees. But there are also some colder days as well as mornings and evenings. And then you can combine some sports with games by playing Spikeball, also known as Roundnet.

This outdoor game has a circular grid on the ground. There are two teams of two people standing around this net. Teams play against each other by repeatedly hitting the ball into the net with their hands. It is best in such a way that the opponent does not catch him anymore. Each team may allow three strokes of the ball. As you can play from either side, the game is a bit intense. But that’s the right thing to sweat a lot first and then freshen up even more in the pool, right?



Before you can use your garden for such games, do you need to take care of its shape first? For example, do you take care of the lawn? Then we will tell you here what mistakes you should not make when doing this gardening.

Speaking of gardening, what exactly do hobby gardeners have to do in the summer? Our video explains:

And if you don’t want to be disturbed while playing Stakk, Mölkky and Cornhole, build a privacy screen in your garden: these ideas are really eye-catching!

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