Dynamo Dresden: Press excluded from the general meeting

Dynamo members exclude journalists from general meetings

At the general meeting, the press has been excluded by a majority of votes – and not for the first time. The successful coach Christoph Franke is the new honorary member of Dynamo.

Most of the Dynamo members did not want to involve the press.
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Dresden. Before it all began, the first vote took place. The question was whether the four journalists present were allowed to follow Dynamo’s general meeting on Saturday at the International Congress Center in Dresden or not. Several members took the floor, almost all of whom were in favor of disfellowshipping. The reason cited by the members was negative coverage in the past, they wanted to “teach the press a lesson”. One member also disliked the reports and comments about the new head coach Markus Anfang, who made headlines across the country due to the vaccination card scandal.

The managing directors Jürgen Wehlend and Ralf Becker and the representatives of other bodies of the association did not comment on this. In the vote, the majority ultimately voted to exclude the press – and thus ensured an extraordinary process even in a national comparison.

However, this is not new. In the past, editors have been kicked out of the room many times by a majority decision, most recently in 2013. However, it happened at a time when things were sometimes very stormy, speeches dropped below a certain level and meetings sometimes ended well after midnight. The situation has improved significantly in recent years and the exclusion of the media, and thus the public, is now a return to a long-overdue time.

The association acquires shares in Merchandising GmbH

The first part of the Extraordinary General Meeting then discussed whether the association should acquire shares in Dynamo Dresden Merchandising GmbH. This was approved by the majority. This suggestion has been around for a long time. Already in 2014, it was decided that by 2020 the association would become the sole shareholder of the GmbH, which regulates the production and sale of fan articles. In the future, Dynamo wants to run not only a fan shop at the Harbig stadium, but also other companies outside of Dresden.

The second part, the official general assembly, which was postponed in November due to the requirements of the crown as members who were not vaccinated or recovered were denied admission, began with honors. Successful coach Christoph Franke, who was able to celebrate two transitions with Dynamo from July 2001 to December 2005, was unanimously appointed an honorary member, as was Wolfgang Lessing, who held various honorary positions at the club for 22 years. Ultimately, Gert Heidler was – also unanimously – appointed honorary captain. Born in Upper Lusatia, he was a forward for Dynamo and the GDR national team in the 1970s, and celebrated his greatest success in 1976 by winning the Olympic Games. The 74-year-old is Dynamo’s ninth honorary captain alongside Hans-Jürgen Kreische, Klaus Sammer, Dieter Riedl, Hartmut Schade and Ulf Kirsten, as well as the late Wolfgang Oeser, Hans-Jürgen Dörner and Reinhard Häfner.

Christoph Franke was the most successful Dynamo coach since reunification and is now an honorary member.

Christoph Franke was the most successful Dynamo coach since reunification and is now an honorary member.
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Dynamo Ultras’s request already provided material for discussion. He wants to be sure that in the future the supplier’s official club clothing can only be printed with the official club crest. Recently, in the scene with active fans, it has been repeatedly criticized that the logo on T-shirts or jackets is only displayed as a curved, white D.

A year ago, the band’s blue casual wear sparked outrage. Fans protested with banners, and Managing Director Wehlend explained that “from now on, this garment will no longer be used. The decision that led to the choice of color was a mistake. ” The four colors – black, yellow, red and white – are defined in the charter and even stored with the corresponding RAL number.

Ultra application can cause millions of damages

If the Ultras’ current motion is resolved by a two-thirds majority, it could lead to damage in the millions. Wehlend alludes to this in a video the association released before the meeting. “Many, many problems arise from this application in daily operations and ultimately in the case of economic damage. We have to discuss it, explain it and ultimately make a wise decision, ”explained the managing director.

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This is how the first Dynamo training session went

Felix Lorenz, managing director of Merchandising GmbH, pointed out to Tag24 that the contract with the equipment supplier Umbro is valid until 2026. “The damage would be over a million euros this season and we will reach around 2.5 million euros by 2026,” said Lorenz. “And nobody really wants to.” A large proportion of the products already ordered would have to be thrown away and new ones would have to be ordered.

The team is eagerly awaited at the meeting. A beginner would like to speak to the members in person. In addition, the creation of the Dixie-Dörner Foundation should be discussed.

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