Fatal shots by police in Bremen: investigations have been going on for 2 years

Mohamed Idrissi died in Bremen-Gröpelingen two years ago. He ran to the policeman with a knife in his hand. The case has not yet been resolved.

Even two years after the deadly police shot at Mohamed Idrissi in Bremen-Gröpelingen, the prosecution’s investigation is still not over. And the investigating authority has actually ceased to investigate the case.

But the lawyer of the daughter of a 54-year-old mentally ill deceased filed a complaint. Successfully. At the end of January 2021, the Prosecutor General’s Office decided to resume the investigation. Since then, they have been running again. So far, no result.

Idrissi runs towards the policeman with a knife, shots are fired

On June 18, 2020, housing company employees wanted to see Idrissi’s apartment because water reportedly ran from his apartment into the basement. Since Idrissi was known to be mentally ill, they arrived accompanied by the police. But things gained momentum.

The film made by the neighbors shows what happened in the courtyard of the block of flats. What happened before is unclear. The video shows Idrissi holding a black object. From this he pulls out a knife.

There are four policemen around the 54-year-old. They make him throw the knife. Idrissi doesn’t do that. He says something that can only be understood in a fragmentary way. Finally, she runs towards one of the officers. Shots are fired. Idrissi dies.

For the police and prosecutors, the matter is initially settled rather quickly. The prosecutor launched an internal investigation against two of the four police officers involved. In early October 2020, approximately three and a half months after Idrissi’s death, the investigation was halted. At the moment, the prosecutor’s office is sure that the policemen acted properly.

The second film is to show what happened after the shots

Idrissi’s daughter’s attorney successfully appealed against this. The second video appeared in the course of research that he was conducting with his client. This is to show what happened after the shots were fired. The prosecution did not have this video when it closed the investigation. The Prosecutor General’s office ordered prosecutors to review the video and to re-decide whether to prosecute.

The question is: after the shooting, did the officers do everything they could to save the man’s life? This should be clarified in the forensic report. Assessment result is not yet available. Jan van Lengerich, the daughter’s lawyer, has little hope: “The fact that the trial takes so long gives reason to fear that something is being hidden.”

With homicide charged and two years later, something is wrong with the Bremen judiciary.

Jan van Lengerich, lawyer of Mohamed Idrissi’s daughter

The public prosecutor in Bremen defends himself against these allegations. Its spokesman, Frank Passade, says: “Nobody here is interested in hiding something or keeping a protective hand over a police officer.” However, one has to “grapple with the circumstances that extend this process”. Passade does not comment on the details of the ongoing investigation.

For van Lengerich, however, it is clear that the matter lies with the court. “My client deserves a forensic investigation in which the circumstances of her father’s death will be fully clarified in a public trial.”

President of the GDP: “Two years is just too long”

The chairman of the Bremen Police Union (GDP), Nils Winter, also criticizes the length of the investigation. “The length of the process is problematic. Two years is just too long. ” First of all, it draws attention to the burden on the police officer who fired.

Such a long investigation after such a tragic operation does something to people.

Nils Winter, chairman of the Bremen Police Union

A spokeswoman for the Bremen police said, meanwhile, that there were no specific grounds for disciplinary action against the police officer who shot the shot. The man continued to work as a policeman at the Bremen Police Station. She also declined to comment on the ongoing investigation.

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