Forza Motorsport starts in 2023

(MST / – On Sunday evening, Microsoft presented the most important information about the upcoming games for the coming months on Xbox and Bethesda Showcase 2022. There will also be the Forza brand, most of all the new racing game Forza Motorsport for the Xbox Series X | S and PC, which was presented for the first time in July 2020 and which uses the possibilities of the current generation of ray tracing consoles and other techniques to create an unprecedented experience. games for everyone should matter.

The new racing game Forza Motorsport promises to be a new milestone


A little more about it. For now, Forza Motorsport fans will have to be patient, because as tempting as the official trailer and gameplay demo, the game will not be released until spring 2023. This in turn leaves enough time to dive into improvements in advance.

New tracks and popular racing slopes

The gameplay in the all-new trailer has been captured straight from the Xbox Series X console and gives the first Forza Motorsport experience, such as the stunning level of detail and the near-live beauty of Maple Valley, one of the most popular tracks in the game. seen from 2005 is an integral part of the series.

In addition to Maple Valley, the trailer features the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and the Laguna Seca Raceway – two popular returning circuits at Forza Motorsport. Turn 10 also reveals the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, a South African circuit making its Forza Motorsport debut. Also new is the Circuit Hakone in Japan, the original, high-speed Grand Prix circuit, which is particularly impressively demonstrating its technical finesse and breathtaking immersion in Forza Motorsport.

Dynamic, dramatic, realistic

Forza Motorsport

Right in the middle of the racing action Magnification

Forza Motorsport was created from scratch for the new Xbox Series X | S consoles. It is expressed in features that Microsoft says make the all-new Forza Motorsport “the most technically advanced racing game to date.” The accuracy of revised physics, the beauty of cars and tracks, new dynamic times of the day, advanced vehicle damage and real-time ray tracing lead to a real quantum leap in immersion.

At the heart of Forza Motorsport is a fully dynamic time of day system that changes the race at any time and brings the tracks to life in breathtaking detail. Changes in the time of day have an effect on the ambient temperature and the track surface temperature. This in turn affects traction, as does the rubber coating on the racetrack and general weather conditions. These new simulation details add even more depth, drama and dynamics to the racing.

Tire and fuel management, vehicle damage has never been more realistic

Forza Motorsport

Graphically eye-catching Magnification

“We’ve completely redesigned the real driving experience to take full advantage of the performance of the next generation of Xbox consoles. The accuracy of the physics simulations improved up to 48 times. Based on your feedback, we have new features such as tire and fuel management, various tire compounds and the introduction of a new detailed car design to create the ultimate racing game, ”said Chris Esaki, Forza Motorsport Creative Director at Turn 10 Studios.

All these configuration options come to life in the pit lane, where advanced materials and shaders combined with ray tracing provide the right graphics. Many details can be discovered in the golden heat shield, anodized aluminum and carbon fiber material, and thanks to ray tracing, the engine compartment with complex light reflections becomes unique.

The new Forza Motorsport also relies on realism when it comes to racing crashes, as they are part of everyday life in real racing. Vehicle damage is reproduced right down to individual scratches on the bodywork, and you can observe how paint on exposed and raised edges loses its once-flawless appearance from contact with other vehicles or track boundaries, how rims also damage, and how it gradually becomes dirty on deposited surfaces.

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