From the art of platforming to beats, from dance to artistry

Foolpool turns recycled bikes into ‘mechanics’. This live installation can be seen at the “Neuland Festival” 2 and 3 in Weser-Ems-Halle in Oldenburg. Entry is free.
Photo: Birgit Bode / Foolpool

Oldenburg (in comparison) Over the next two weeks, the large circus tent and open space in Weser-Ems-Hallen Oldenburg will once again be the venue for the Neuland festival. Following a successful premiere last year, the Oldenburg Association for Cultural Perspectives is kicking off its second edition with guests. The program works indoors and outdoors. Entry is partially free.

Already on Sunday, June 19, the two-day Plattart Festival with New Lower German Culture under the direction of Annie Heger begins, before the association itself offers its festival from June 25 to July 3 with contemporary artistry and circus art. The festival will be complemented by the music, cabaret and art program “Beats & Liebe” on June 22-25. The guesthouse on June 28 is also the former Globe cinema in Donnerschwee with dance choreography.

The Kultur-Perspektiven Association was established in early 2021 and sees itself as an “innovative extension of the existing cultural landscape” and wants to “support the supra-regional clarity of the city and its cultural values”. Responsible people organize and run cultural events and open cultural projects in cooperation with independent artists and existing local organizations. The first major project was the “Neuland – Oldenburg Contemporary Art Festival” in the summer of 2021, which is now being continued.

Contemporary Artistry at Weser-Ems-Halle

“Neuland meets Beat & Liebe” is the motto on June 25 at 19:00 when “Kabarat K”, vodka and the Balkan party meet. “High-class artistry, live music and unusual humor, presented by international vaudeville and street artists, combine to create a stormy spectacle that breaks all genre boundaries,” promises the program.

The Neuland festival will be a guest on June 28 at the “Globe Oldenburg” in the Donnerschwee barracks. The “O Curious Nature” group will present contemporary dance at 7.00 pm with their choreography “Songs of love and bones” by Helge Letonji.

The group “Gravity & Other Myths” comes from Australia and presents their program “A Simple Space” on June 30 and July 1. About their show, he says: “Gravity is just a myth – these seven fun-loving acrobats from Australia prove it and challenge their cheeky names. Driven by a furious drummer, the Seven pours their mockery of supposedly insurmountable gravity onto a simple six-and-a-half by four-meter mat, full of freshness, wit, beauty and courage.

Circus offspring and mechanical engineering

Juggler and comedian Matthias Romir is part of 3 short circus plays at the festival in Neuland.

Juggler and comedian Matthias Romir is part of the “3 Circus-Kurzstücke” on July 2 and 3 at the “Neuland Festival” in the circus tent in Weser-Ems-Halle.
Photo: Tom Schneider

The circus school show “Seifenblase” from Oldenburg and “Alacasam Peppolino” from Lemwerder will show a colorful potpourri circus for free on 2nd July. Children and teenagers tell stories for young and old. With acrobatics, air acrobatics and juggling, the audience should be delighted and enthusiastic about life in the circus in all its diversity.

The recycling plant for bicycles that came to life is presented by Foolpool on July 2 at 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm and on July 3 at 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm for free and outdoors. Her play “Maschinenwesen” moves at the interface between an art installation and a mobile theater.

Julia Knaust will perform on July 2 at 5:00 PM and July 3 at 3:00 PM. In the open space next to the circus tent, the artist hangs eight meters upside down, held only by a passing knot at her feet, between the sky and the harsh reality of the earth. Entry is free.

“3 short circus pieces” is the motto on July 2 at 19:00 and July 15 at 17:00. Matthias Romir shows “Black”. “This program is like good coffee: bitter as life, black as the future, yet strangely enjoyable. Here the art of failure is consistently thought through to the end – says the artist.

Natalie Reckert is the “icing superhero.” The artist standing on her hands not only balances herself, but also bizarre ideas. As a researcher, acrobatic superhero or as a licorice stick, she gives viewers an insight into the artist’s life and the resistance of the body.

Three acrobats “(K) not on hands” show “Brace for Impact”. Britt, Mario and Tijs from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium are looking for the limits of balance. “In search of balance, they find new ways to move around in space. “Knot on Hands” shows an innovative and more organic form of partner acrobatics, with an emphasis on pure movement and unique body language, “their program says.

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