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LAUTERBACH (tsz). It has Olympic thoughts and is already an integral part of the Lauterbach premium market: the tramp run. On the occasion of the 250th Lauterbach Premium Fair, 780 runners gathered to celebrate the joy of sport together.

So far, the weather seems to be in favor of the Lauterbach premium market as well as the traditional Stolchenlauf on Tuesday. In bright sunshine, clubs and companies gathered on the Bahnhofsstraße in front of Sparkasse Oberhessen for the almost five-kilometer route through the city and have fun together. As in previous years, the run was organized by Sparkasse Oberhessen.

However, before the big run started, there was a starting shot for the kids run. Children between the ages of six and ten could demonstrate their sports skills on a shorter distance of approximately 900 meters. 105 children started the children’s race, a record, moderator Thomas Caspar emphasized.

Enjoy sports and Olympic spirit

Lauterbach Strolchenlauf is not only about competition. It is more about playing with the sport itself, so not only the fastest runners were measured and awarded, but also the runner in the most original outfit, as well as the oldest and youngest runner. Children’s prizes have already been awarded to the winners of the children’s run. Here Fritz Zwicker took first place on 3:16, followed by Pepe Kersten on 3:20 and Julien Sachs on 3:23. Luisa Wirth was the first to finish with a time of 3:43 minutes. Leonie Mangel ran in second place with a time of 3:54, followed by Ida Wamser with a time of 4:12.

The winners of the children’s run received their placements immediately after the run. Photos: tsz

Then the adult run began, which includes a 2.5 kilometer course with two laps. There was also a registration record here: 675 runners took part in the “big” race. After all the runners had crossed the finish line, he went to the tent for the awards ceremony.

Five kilometers in less than 17 minutes

The fastest runner needed only 16:22 minutes for the main run. Manuel Werner was the first to cross the finish line at that time and thus took first place in the men’s category. He was followed by Alexander Talkenberger who finished the lap at 16:29 and Matthias Berg who finished in 17:14 minutes. In the women’s category, the first place was taken by Helena Höhl with a time of 20:28, followed by Alexandra Ortwein with a time of 20:58 and Frauke Renker with a time of 23:47.

In addition to the fastest runners, the best costume, the oldest runner and the largest group were also honored. According to the jury, the best costume was for Stefan Weiß from the team of favorite venues designers, who faced the race as Dieter Bohlen. Rolf Schrötter started as the oldest runner at the age of 74. IGS Schlitzerland was the largest group with 121 runners.

The fastest runners 8. Lauterbach Strolchenlauf at the awards ceremony.

1,500 euros were collected in the run, which will be used by the Lauterbach Animal Welfare Association. At this point, both the Mayor of Lauterbach Rainer-Hans Vollmöller and Thomas Falk from Sparkasse Oberhessen thanked Lauterbach for their commitment, as well as for the organization and long-term cooperation. The runners then celebrated together in the marquee with the Fulda Mambo Kingx party team.

Winners Lauterbach Strolchenlauf

Fastest runners (adults, men)
1, Manuel Werner, 4:22 PM
2. Alexander Talkenberger, 16:29
3. Matthias Berg, 17:14

Fastest runners (adults, women)
1, Helena Hohl, 20:28
2. Aleksandra Ortwein, 20:58
3. Frauke Renker, 23:47

Fastest runners (kids, boys):
1, Fritz Zwicker, 3:16
2. Pepe Kersten, 3:20
3. Julien Sachs, 3:23

Fastest runners (kids, girls):
1, Luisa Wirth, 3:43
2. Leonie Mangel, 3:54
3. Isa Wamser, 4:12

Most original costume: Stefan Weiß (Dieter Bohlen)
Oldest participant: Ralf Schrötter (74 years old)
Biggest team: IGS with 121 participants

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