The new raid is really cool, but one thing is annoying

A new High Isle Chapter for MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online is available live on June 6, 2022. Along with the new chapter, a new 12-player raid has also been added. MeinMMO author MiezeMelli took on “Dread Sail Reef” in veteran mode and shares her experiences with you here.

What is this raid? The new Dreadsail Reef raid, located in the new High Isle zone, is a trial for 12 people. The name describes it quite well, because on this reef you will find a lot of wrecks, but also dangerous enemies.

The new High Isle chapter is available on ESO PC servers from June 6, 2022. In addition to the new raid, this chapter also includes a completely new area: a high island and Amenos. There is also a lot of story content and two companions Funke and Isobel.

If you want more information about the contents of the new chapter, please see here:

ESO: All about the new High Isle expansion and content in 2022

Who played? MeinMMO author MiezeMelli, along with parts of her rally group “Joghurt Intolerant” from her guild “Legends in Four Walls”, and a few other players in the group’s acquaintance.

A tangled maze of levers, vortices and ships

Even entering a new raid is really eye-catching. When you enter a raid, you exit the cabin of a mighty ship and your path begins with a deep jump into the sea. Overall, the instance is very open. I think it’s nice, but for any player with a less orientation a navigation system would be nice at times.

And be careful! Because addition groups have it all. I also had to realize again: always keep your distance and do not stand behind the tank.

What does the first boss look like? The twin bosses “Lylanar and Turlassil” are the first ones encountered. When we jumped onto the boss platform, half of the group gave up because the chasm is a little wider than we thought. It caused a collective laugh.

The boss fight itself is still relatively easy and after a few eliminations we managed to survive without really understanding the mechanics. So it’s not really that spectacular.

After defeating the twin bosses, make your way through the wooden door and jump back into the water. Down there, I was pleased with the vortex mechanics, which also convinced me in the Ascending Tide new dungeon game report.

But unfortunately right after that the most annoying thing in the whole raid begins: levers! The passage is permanently blocked and several players must separate in order to be able to operate multiple levers at the same time. This disrupts the game play a lot and you actually have to allocate the leverage beforehand.

Otherwise, no one feels addressed by the announcement or (like me!) Is a bit overwhelmed, confused and prefers to stay with the group before the character gets lost forever.

I really wonder who on the development team thinks different levers are exciting or fun.

What can you expect from the first mini boss? Mini-bosses are more comparable to “big add-ons”. The “Bowbreaker” is a large turtle, or rather a Haj-Mota. Occasionally he charges from right to left and fell within 51 seconds, even though I threw my Dragon Knight banner as he was about to lunge.

Extras and levers are waiting again behind the next door …

How did the second boss go? The Reef Ranger takes a hard punch and has the most notable mechanics in the entire raid. He constantly summons puppets, and at certain intervals, players must fall into the abyss to play the mechanic. You will meet my beloved whirlpools that I found so well in the Krallenhorst.

But since my group was still talking about portals, I had absolutely no idea what it was all about. From the Cloudrest and Felshain raids, I was used to glowing, clearly visible “portal” mechanisms. My portal partner was therefore able to play the mechanic alone for 3 consecutive tries while I was either dead or confused looking for my portal idea.

Fortunately, in the next run, I understood that the portals meant a chasm in the middle of the boss map, and then I was able to observe what was happening from below. It actually worked relatively well.

Overall, however, we had a real problem with group positioning. Somehow, no one really knew what to do with their own feet. Therefore, the group stood everywhere like a group of scared chickens, and the players were often killed one by one by multiple lightning bolts or poisoned areas.

Once, while on my way to the abyss, I was even hit by lightning with about 22,600 injuries. So things really fall for the group, and the healers aren’t having it easy.

And then again … levers …

What can you expect from the second mini boss? Like the Bowbreaker, the Sailbreaker isn’t particularly noteworthy. Here we meet the mechanics of the coral nest again. Namely from the first boss from Maligalig. There is an area under the player that you must place a little further in the ring-shaped area.

I am always happy to recognize mechanics from other fields. This gives a bit of an orientation even if you are in a raid for the first time.

A particularly nasty group of add-ins before the final boss

Adding a group before the final boss really made our group wipe clean every time. It’s really bad and in second heat it just felt more difficult than the last boss fight that followed.

This last boss is waiting for you! The “Tideborn Taleria” is a gigantic atron of the storm. So it looks impressive. However, it is much lighter than the Reef Guardian. It’s a pity, because the final boss was supposed to be a special challenge.

But if you think about other raids like Rockshire (from Blackwood) or Halls of Fabrication (from Morrowind), this is generally a phenomenon that players often see in ESO.

We know some of the mechanics from the last boss fight with Coral Eyrie. Here too we meet the “tidal force”. This can be countered relatively easily with the dodgeball, if you are in the red area, which promises a large area of ​​effect.

Conclusion: despite the annoying little details, the new ESO raid is still an eye-catcher!

Every year, ESO releases a new 12-man raid. Of course, the first thing I look at is: how difficult is the raid? Is this a challenge that will keep me busy for a year? And this is him!

But the new mechanics and mechanics we’ve known since the launch of Ascending Tide are also completely convincing! First and foremost, the absolute highlight for me is the vortex mechanic, which you also know from the first boss of the Coral Horst dungeon. She’s just too fun.

I can’t wait to spend many hours in the raid to get all the achievements!


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