Handball live today: THW Kiel vs. FC Barcelona – EHF Champions League on TV and LIVE STREAM

Kiel and Barcelona meet in the semi-finals of the Champions League. All information about the broadcast of the match on TV and LIVE STREAM can be found here.

The EHF Champions League semi-finals between THW Kiel and FC Barcelona will take place on Saturday evening (June 18, 2022). The game starts at 18:00 in the Wunderino Arena in Kiel.

Both teams met in the 2020 Champions League final. At that time, THW Kiel was in the lead and was able to win the competition. However, FC Barcelona is still the measure of everything in the handball world. The Catalans have already won the Champions League ten times, and today we need to take another step towards eleven. We’ll see if Barca can do it today from 18:00.

GOAL provides all the important information regarding the broadcast of the match on TV and LIVE STREAM.

Handball live today: THW Kiel vs. FC Barcelona – the game in brief

Handball live today: THW Kiel vs. FC Barcelona – is there a TV broadcast?

Unfortunately, we have bad news for anyone wanting to see the game on Free TV. Unfortunately, the Champions League in handball is not shown on free German TV.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to abandon the broadcast entirely. You can read what exactly we mean by this in the next section.

Handball Champions League Final THW Kiel TV LIVE TRANSMISSION

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Handball live today: THW Kiel vs. FC Barcelona – see the game in LIVE STREAM at DAZN

The DAZN streaming service has secured the rights to broadcast the EHF Champions League. But how does DAZN actually work and what else can you see?

As mentioned, DAZN is one pure streaming service. So you definitely need it a device with Internet accessto be able to follow the streams. Besides, it is Watching DAZN is not for free. The price list looks like this:

monthly subscription: EUR 29.99 per month

Annual subscription: EUR 24.99 per month or EUR 274.99 once

You will then also have access to the full DAZN content. This includes, for example, all Friday and Sunday Bundesliga games as well as most Champions League football matches. You can also see LaLiga, Serie A and Ligue 1 there.

But fans of the NBA and NFL will get their value as well, as will all fans of darts and martial arts. motor sports or tennis. Of course, you can also watch the EHF Champions League Cup matches on DAZN.

But now let’s get back to the game. If you then have a valid DAZN subscription and a device with internet access, you can follow the game live from 6 p.m. with commentator Gary Paubandt, supported by experts Bob Hanning and Johannes Bitter.

More information about DAZN:

Watch handball live today: THW Kiel vs. FC Barcelona – preliminary report on the Final Four

Andreas Wolff smiled. “Absolutely, it would be a dream,” said the national goalkeeper about a possible final against THW Kiel. But before the final game in Cologne by the goalkeeper of the leading Polish club Vive Kielce, the same applies to the record German champions: first the semi-final, then the final.

– If you think about the final, you are out – said THW coach Filip Jicha. Only the victory on Saturday (18:00 / DAZN) with the defender of the title FC Barcelona allows the duel with former Kieler Wolff in the Final Four of the Champions League.

He plays in front of almost 20,000 fans in Lanxess Arena with Polish champions earlier (15:15) against Telekom Veszper for the first ticket to the final. “I will keep my fingers crossed for the people of Kiel after our hopefully winning semi-finals, I wouldn’t regret it,” said Wolff in good spirits on Friday in the garden of the soccer player’s hotel in Cologne.

The predictions for arguably the most popular German handball player and the THW are completely different. While Wolff and the Poles are extremely strong this season, THW is entering the final tournament badly roughed up. With Hendrik Pekeler and Sander Sagosen, both defensive and attacking bosses are out.

So it will be “extremely difficult” for THW, suspects national team coach Alfred Gislason. – With these two guys, THW would have a good chance of winning the title. Without these two players, Kiel is a clear outsider, said longtime THW coach at Mannheimer Morgen.

Kiel fights with the shortage of staff with great optimism. – The last few years have shown that the favorite does not always win. Everything is possible, said the axial Patrick Wiencek. And Jicha said, “We need some sports sensation, we know it. But Cologne is always good for that. ‘

Reaching for the crown of Europe, THW hopes to be torn off in the cathedral city. Overall, this is the eighth share. Most recently, Jicha led THW 2020 to a fourth prime minister title – albeit against the background of ghosts.

The fact that after two years the hall will finally be full again drives THW. “The fans are giving away an amazing amount. But we have to start with ourselves – with commitment on the pitch,” demanded Jicha, with seven shares in THW’s “Mr. Final Four”.

On the other hand, for Wolff it is the first participation in Cologne. During the years in Kiel (2016 to 2019), the 2016 European champion never qualified for the final tournament with THW. Friday’s media hype made an even greater impression on him.

“It’s a unique feeling, akin to the World Cup or the Olympics,” said Wolff, who admitted he was “a little nervous” but radiated easily to the outside world. The 31-year-old coldly answered numerous questions on Friday with folded hands – sometimes in German, sometimes in fluent Polish.

The expectation was beyond doubt. “I can’t wait for this to start,” said Wolff. The people of Kiel feel the same. “We’re trying to make the impossible possible,” promised Jicha.

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Handball live today: Champions League winners from the last five years

To put you in the mood for the game, we have summarized the Champions League winners from the last five years for you.

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