Corona ticker: Cardinal Woelki has obtained a positive Corona test result

15:28: Cardinal Woelki positively tested Corona

Archbishop Rainer Maria Woelki from Cologne has contracted the coronavirus. He tested positive on Sunday and is now quarantined at home, the archdiocese announced on Monday. He was “already in poor health,” said the cardinal. Auxiliary Bishop Rolf Steinhäuser also tested positive.

According to the archdiocese, all Woelkis meetings for this week have been canceled. Vicar General Markus Hofmann represented the cardinal on Monday at the meeting of the Permanent Council of the German Bishops’ Conference in Berlin. The committee discussed a new set of rules for industrial relations in the Catholic Church in Germany.

Meanwhile, the Diocese of Hildesheim has confirmed to the website that Bishop Heiner Wilmer also tested positive for the virus. Neither is he a member of the Permanent Council.

12.10am: The aviation industry is recovering more and more from the corona shock

Despite continued uncertainty caused by the crown pandemic, international aviation looks to the future with optimism: this year, passenger numbers will return to 83% of pre-crisis levels, the aviation association Iata announced today, meeting in Doha Qatar at its annual conference. In the coming year, the goal is to return “within reach” to the profit zone. Industry losses should therefore still be $ 9.7bn (€ 9.2bn) this year – but this is a “huge improvement” compared to the two previous years heavily influenced by the krone pandemic and its constraints. Losses in 2020 amounted to USD 137.7 billion, in 2021 – USD 42.1 billion.

02/12: Malaysia – no coron deaths for the first time in a year and a half

Malaysia saw zero Covid-19-related deaths in 24 hours for the first time in a year and a half. The last time this was on December 18, 2020, South East Asia Health Minister Khayry Jamaluddin confirmed in a tweet late Sunday evening. The number of new infections fell from around 2,100 to 1,690 compared to the previous day. Malaysia is in the process of transitioning from a pandemic to an endemic phase, Jamaluddin said. The country with approximately 32 million inhabitants confirmed a total of 4.5 million cases of the crown and more than 35,700 deaths related to Covid-19.

11.50am: Insider – G7 wants to avoid a new austerity after crises

At the summit in Elmau at the end of June, the G7 countries want to avoid reacting to the global economic crisis with a new austerity-style policy. But it is also clear that, according to government circles in Berlin, the automatism of the last few years of the krone pandemic, of reacting with expansionary fiscal policies to a fall in demand, no longer exists. So you’re looking for a different answer. Also a background is high inflation rates around the world, especially for energy and food. “Investments will play an absolutely dominant role in this,” said the government representative, with a view to the necessary conversion of the economy to climate neutrality. Climate protection must be combined with investments in infrastructure.

9:00 AM: EU companies call for an end to harsh coronation measures in China

In the context of China’s strict coronation rules, EU companies urged the Beijing government to change course. A curfew, significant entry restrictions and other stringent measures put a heavy burden on business for the EU Chamber of Commerce in Beijing. China needs to get rid of corporate concerns and “regain trust with a clear plan,” House Vice President Bettina Schön-Behanzin said in a sentiment survey among member firms released today. As in last year, EU companies listed coronation measures as by far the most serious problem facing China in the economic climate survey.

8:44 AM: More people live in Germany than before the pandemic

After a slight decline in the first year of the crown, the population in Germany increased again in 2021 due to immigration. A good 83.2 million people lived in the Federal Republic at the end of the year “more than before the 2019 crown pandemic,” the Federal Statistical Office said on Monday. That’s 0.1 percent. or 82 thou. more than a year earlier. In 2020, there was a slight decrease by 12 thousand.

“This development is mainly due to the increase in net immigration,” explain the statisticians. At 317 thousand. it was much more than in 2020 (220 thousand). It is thus approaching the pre-krone pandemic level (2019: 327,000). At the same time, the excess of deaths over births has risen to 228,000 (2020: 212,000).

8.30: WHO chief – “Blind to the development of the virus”

The World Health Organization (WHO) urgently warned of the delay in fighting the virus due to the threat posed by new variants of the crown. “The perception that the pandemic is over is out of place,” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said today at a meeting of G20 health ministers in the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta. New infections and deaths have fallen sharply in most countries, leading to the lifting of numerous restrictions.

His authority remains very concerned that “the lack of corona testing and sequencing blinds us to the development of the virus,” said the Ethiopian. The WHO also fears that the lessons of the pandemic will be forgotten and the “cycle of panic and neglect” will repeat itself.

5.10: RKI reports 6,941 new infections

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 6,941 new infections within 24 hours in the morning. This is 1563 more than on Monday a week ago. The countrywide seven-day incidence is currently 416.0. The RKI did not record any further virus-related deaths.

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