Energized water: a misunderstanding or a healing effect?

Although tap water is one of the best-controlled foods in Germany, it’s not enough for many people. The range of mineral waters is large: supermarket shelves have mineral springs, volcanic water from the Vosges Islands and spring water from the Fiji Islands. Especially naturopathy believes in the special effects of drinking water.

Frauenbründl near Glonn: Pilgrims come for water

Southeast of Munich near Glonn is the Frauenbründl, a spring that rises below the Marienkapelle at the edge of the forest. The sign clearly states that it is not drinking water. Legal notice as the health department does not regularly check the water. Nevertheless, some travel great distances to get into the water here. “These are our canisters and we always collect them. And I can only say: the coffee tastes delicious. It’s a special kind of water, ”says one woman. Many visitors are convinced of the healing properties of the spring water: “I think this chapel energizes the water. It’s a power that cannot be described, but is still there. But you have to believe in it, ”says someone who regularly brings water here.

According to tradition, water is supposed to help especially with eye problems, strengthen vitality and the immune system. There is no scientific evidence for this. Still, people believe it. A small chapel, under which the spring rises, is decorated with numerous crucifixes and votive pictures, which are to testify to miraculous healings by spring water. From afar, they make pilgrimages to the spring to drink water, or fill it per liter to canisters and empty water bottles home.

Part of popular piety: belief in the healing power of water

Belief in the healing power of water is common not only in folk religion – the influence of water on people plays a very important role, especially in the field of naturopathy and homeopathy: water is considered alive, it should have natural energy, which can also have a healing effect.

On the other hand, tap water is “dead” water according to this view: because it is pumped through dark pipes under high pressure and then remains for a long time in storage tanks or in water pipes. The addition of chlorine, which is used in some places to purify tap water, also harms the naturalness of the water in the eyes of many people.

Japanese healing arts want to revive “dead water”.

Various treatments should help revive, “revive” or “energize” the supposedly “dead” water. Such practices have not been scientifically proven to have any effect. For example, Ulrike Bassler, operator of the Reiki center in Munich, relies on the power of stones. “Reiki” is the Japanese art of healing that begins with the inexhaustible life energy of the universe flowing through everything. “Minerals have been removed in industrially produced water, sometimes there is no iron and trace elements left in the water. But we can change that by simply bringing our water to life, ”says Ulrike Bassler.

On his YouTube channel, he gives instructions on how dead tap water can be re-energized with precious stones. “The production of this healing water is very simple: I take a decanter of tap water and then add three stones: rock crystal, amethyst and rose quartz. the water stays fresh for about a week, ”explains the operator of the Reiki center.

Many refer to Hildegard von Bingen

When it comes to “energizing” water with precious stones, many refer to the nun Hildegard von Bingen. In her naturopathy, the Benedictine attributes healing powers to some stones. Pastor Matthias Pöhlmann, ideology representative in the Protestant Church, has an explanation for why many swear by the power of water, even if the power has not been proven: “Suggestion power and focus play a major role. You can do it in esoterics – Watching a scene means trust in your own feelings, and not in what science says.

Since there is no scientific evidence for the effects of water on humans, scientists most often place processes such as “energizing” drinking water in the esoteric realm. The boundaries between naturopathy, esotericism and popular piety are often fluid, says Matthias Pöhlmann. “Think of the Siloah Pool, where healing power was expected to emanate from it. This idea of ​​special places of power has always existed in human history. And that comes with forms of popular piety and esoteric interpretations, says the Protestant pastor.

“Full moon water” with three times higher “energy value”

For example, the Leonhardsquelle in Stephanskirchen in Upper Bavaria: it gurgles in the pilgrimage chapel dedicated to St. To Leonhard: Water promises to ease symptoms of bone, joint, eye fractures, or pregnancy problems. Bottled there by a local entrepreneur, it is also sold “Water after the full moon”. This is spring water that is collected only during the full moon. It is said that on a full moon day, the “energy value” of water is three times higher. The price per bottle is twice as high as the water drawn in other phases of the moon. So, water can be not only a source of energy, but also a source of money.

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