Exchange of tips – and seeds

More than 140 garden friends set out on a tour of the green oases on Sunday. And they were not disappointed.

The local gardening show, ‘Open Gardens Day’, was once again a great success on Sunday after a forced two-year hiatus. The best weather attracts over 140 garden friends for a tour of the seven gardens. The range of gardens on display ranges from real arts and crafts displays to a city park, from small animal habitats to workgroups. Concepts are as varied as the owners.

The first station is at the back of Glückaufheim. This is where the tenants’ interest group created the Green Team. About 15 young people between the ages of 12 and 18 care for a clean and beautiful living environment. “Sometimes we collect rubbish or work in our own garden,” explains Heinzpeter Przyluczky, team leader. He also cultivates a garden shared by the landowner Vivawest. Young people grow ornamental shrubs and flowers, but also vegetables. “We like tomatoes and cucumbers the most,” agrees siblings Nysa and Sudenaz. Together with Abdul and Enes, they lead visitors through their green paradise and introduce the Green Team. An abandoned trailer in the middle of the garden provides shelter in bad weather. “It was in the mine and we worked it out well,” says Heinzpeter Przyluczky. It is always an adventure for young people to watch what they slowly but surely sow grow into vegetables. “An important step in experiencing this process directly and seeing how our food is made,” explains the team leader.

The Dobsch family has their own garden nearby. The green pearl lies in the middle of tall old trees – tailored to the needs of the operator and, above all, in the shade. “We use the garden very intensively, practically as a separate living room,” says Katrin Dobsch. That is why there are many objects, for example, garden houses as rest rooms or as eye-catchers. Visually refreshing water spouts from the fountain, and the garden goddess peeks through the roses.

Anyone entering the Schulze Horsel family’s garden is overwhelmed by the abundance of flowers and flowers. A relatively small piece of lawn opens up a view of a sea of ​​flowers cut by paths. There are always different accents like a stone drinker, a sitting area or something else.

Here at the senior farm Schulze Horsel, guests can expect a veritable sea of ​​flowers. In addition to tips, Ursula Schulze Horsel also likes to distribute flower seeds from her own cultivation. An offer that Maria Westhoff cannot resist.

“The cherry didn’t want to grow, and the rose wasn’t particularly good either,” Anja Wichmann points to a pair of plants that dominate her garden lawn. Because here is a cherry tree with bright red roses shining between its branches. “It was a rehearsal. There was nothing wrong with any of the plants, so we just put them together and it happened, ”says the gardener, pointing to the proud cherry tree with its pink companion. The plants established an apparently well-functioning partnership. But that’s not all at Wichmann’schen Garten. Further in the garden, plane trees form a real gazebo. Cool and shady, easy to sit here. A place and time for a lively discussion among hobbyists. “The shade is good, but the hairy leaves of the plane tree itself are an accident,” argues Christian Fillmer. Anja Wichmann agrees. “But the sun protection and the beauty of the leaves clearly outweigh that for us.” The preferences in the garden are just different.

The newly designed city park in the city center has been open for several months. Vast meadows with natural and bee-friendly flower strips offer a beautiful shelter for humans. The benches and deckchairs invite you to linger, and the playground in the middle is the center of attractions for children. But the park has a slight weakness. If you approach the wheelchair from Robert-Koch-Straße via the Wersebrücke, you won’t get far on foot. Here, a barrier blocks the path to the park, which is actually wheelchair accessible.

author: Peter Schniederjürgen

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