Ferrero can produce again in Belgium, Westwing with a change in CEO, Gorillas wants to close the Spanish business. ›Location information

Ferrero can produce again in Belgium, Westwing with a change in CEO, Gorillas wants to close the Spanish business.

With Florian Treissa June 20, 2022 in News

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Too many online marketers still prefer to trust their gut feelings rather than using tests to gather valid data on the impact of changes to website design on user behavior. Even minor modifications can bring significant improvements in terms of customer service and the company’s KPIs. But what changes promise success? You can find out about this in our new white paper – more about it in the newsletter.

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New Report: E-Commerce Testing

“Testing is a dynamic process that helps keep the website at the highest level in terms of customer experience and customer flow”says Felix Schirl. The founder and CEO of trbo and his team initiated our new Testing in E-Commerce report – How you can improve your customer experience and KPIs with testing. Our white paper provides tips on which you can test any changes on your website, such as product detail pages, category pages or search results pages. The White Paper uses the Foodist example to show how successful testing works in practice: To continuously improve the customer experience in an online specialty food store, Foodist relies on regular testing of campaigns and functions. Click here to download for free!

Ferrero can produce again in Belgium, Westwing with change of president Max Heimann goes to online stores

About two months after the brand’s widespread recall kids maybe a confectionery company Ferrero re-produce at its plant in Arlon, Belgium. The factory closed on April 8 after Ferrero had to recall many baby products due to suspicion of salmonella. According to the company, the filter in the milk-butter vat was dirty. “We have learned from this unfortunate incident and will do everything in our power to prevent something like this from happening again,” Ferrero said.

Online furniture retailer in Munich West Wing receives a new CEO: Andreas Hoerningwho previously served as the company’s commercial director. Hoerning has been working with Westwing for more than seven years and has built the Westwing Collection into a business with a commercial value of more than 200 million euros. Former CEO and founder of Westwing Stephen Smalla ends June 30. Smalla says: “The main responsibility of the founding president is to ensure that the company is handed over in due time to a new president who will take the company to an even higher level.”

It has long been known that Manufactory manager Max Heimann leaves the Otto Group at the end of June. Now it is known where the 47-year-old is going: he will be the boss group of online stores, which specializes in the online sports trade and runs several online stores such as or Campz (Outdoor). There he becomes the boss of over 900 employees. In turn, the Internetstores group is part of a listed e-commerce company Signa Sports Unitedwhich also specializes in sports articles. More about staff at Neuhandeln.

Gorillas wants to close business in Spain, EU standards for delivery service workers, mask the requirements again from October?

Quick delivery gorillas apparently he wants to close his business in Spain. So far, the Berlin-based company has operated in Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and Barcelona. 300 workers are now at risk of layoff, Gründerszene reports. Gorillas recently announced that it will review its activities in Italy, Spain, Denmark and Belgium. Meanwhile, Gorillas are reportedly in talks with competitors about a possible merger or sale of their company. Meanwhile, representatives of gorillas are said to be competing with competitors such as the stupid and Jokr talked about a possible merger or sale, reports the finance agency Bloomberg.

Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) spoke in favor new European protection standards expressed in the work of the digital platform. Digitization should not be confused with exploitation, Heil said, referring to: delivery or driving services. That is why Europe-wide minimum standards are needed. Heil said: “Quick lunch delivery, renting a scooter via the app, or choosing a cleaner on the website – all of these make our lives easier and have long been part of many people’s daily lives.” In addition, digital platforms offer low-threshold access to the labor market. “But one thing is important to me: it has to be clear whether I am an employee or a self-employed person.”

According to the Welt am Sonntag report, the federal government is considering a new overall one Mask requirements from October. According to the newspaper, referring to information from government circles, one should discuss the so-called the principle of “October to Easter”. So, between October and Easter, the mask requirement may reappear to contain the crown pandemic, which then applies again in the retail trade will be introduced. But nothing is certain yet. The current provisions of the Corona Protection Act, which do not require retail masks, expire on September 23 – after which more restrictive regulations may apply again.

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Prime Day July 12 and 13, testing of Alnatura’s delivery service, interview with Breuninger-CCO

Amazon has an appointment First day announced. The sales event, which is growing every year, will take place on July 12 and 13 this year. The first “early adopters” should be available tomorrow to put customers in the mood for Prime Day. Traditionally, there will be high discounts on Amazon devices such as Amazon Echo and Fire TV, as well as on Amazon’s own fashion brands such as Amazon Essentials, The Drop and Iris & Lilly. In addition, Amazon is also planning campaigns to promote small and medium-sized businesses.

The chain of organic supermarkets has been offering for several days Alnatura in Berlin has its own delivery service and intends to bring it to Frankfurt soon. But the service is not yet running smoothly, as reported by a supermarket blog post-test: author Peer Schader is enthusiastic about the huge selection of fresh baked goods and cheese specials that “must make any other delivery service green with envy.” But in the beginning, fruits and vegetables are a bit lacking: “Bananas, potatoes, onions and pears – no problem. But yellow beetroots, fresh beans and arugula – no, that’s why you would have to go to the market. ” The online store still has some teething issues, but the delivery itself has worked great.

“Digitization cannot be delegated, it has to play a central role both in the strategic direction and in the day-to-day activities of decision makers. Digitization must be lived. “

Felix KreyerCCO z Breuninger, tells an interview about his company, which has a long tradition in brick-and-mortar retail and has now become a leading omnichannel player with a hugely successful online store. In the interview, he says, inter alia, with distinctive desktop and online properties that “are only transferable to a limited extent”.

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