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The MSABristolX4 collection has been specially developed for European firefighters. In addition to maximum comfort, it is compatible with future-proof MSA safety equipment and solutions

HANOVERGermany, June 20, 2022 / PRNewswire / –MSA Safety Incorporated (NYSE: MSA), the world leader in safety equipment and technology for firefighters, today opened Interschutz 2022 with a new collection of protective clothing designed specifically for firefighters in Germany. The Netherlands and the whole of continental Europe, offering not only greater comfort, but also compatibility with future-proof MSA safety equipment and solutions.

The MSA Bristol X4 range is specially designed for firefighters in Europe, offering the highest comfort and MSA compatibility

The new collection of protective clothing for firefighters is called MSA Bristol X4. It combines MSABristol’s know-how in the production of high-performance protective clothing with MSA’s market-leading expertise in fire protection technology and networking solutions. The result is a new range of protective clothing for firefighters that, in addition to increased comfort and ergonomics, also offers full compatibility with the latest MSA firefighting equipment: helmets and SCBA for the latest surveillance and communication equipment.

The evolution of the MSA collection The BristolX4 perfectly complements MSA’s range of innovative firefighter safety solutions, ”said BobLeenen, president of the MSA International Business Unit. We are pleased to be back at Interschutz, where we can present the new X4 firefighting protective clothing collection in combination with other MSA products, which provides additional benefits when used in extreme conditions. “

The MSABristolX4 works seamlessly with the legendary GalletF1XF safety helmet and the industry-leading M1SCBA, both of which are widely used by fire brigades in mainland Europe. MSABristolX4 was developed with hundreds of firefighters in Germany and the Netherlands as a solution for these specific markets. For example, the German fire brigade market requires an integrated safety harness and rescue train loop system. The integrated X4 harness system meets this need and provides extra safety when working at height. The X4 jacket has an integrated harness, lanyard and carabiner in a flap pocket. Rescue tow loops, located on the upper back of the jacket and accessible through a pocket near the knees, are designed to carry or lure a helpless firefighter to a safe location in the event of an emergency.

Dutch firefighters have expressed a need for stronger knee pads for greater comfort when crawling and working in tight spaces, and for special reflectors for better visibility. To meet customer requirements, MSABristol designers developed an ergonomic, streamlined fit that reduces volume and weight without restricting freedom of movement.

Jason Traynor, MSA’s general manager of firefighting products, indicated that with the launch of the new X4 collection, MSA can now offer a complete range of firefighting products for firefighting services in Germany, the Netherlands and throughout continental Europe. We will continue to listen to the needs of our customers and create innovative products and solutions that they want and need, ”he said.

The X4 Collection is made from the latest high-quality fabric combinations from leading fiber and fabric manufacturers such as WLGore, PBIPerformance Products and Hainsworth. It meets the requirements of CEN EN469 level 2, is available in various color combinations to suit all tastes and can be equipped with additional pockets and loops to accommodate specific items of equipment according to customer requirements.

As the world’s leading provider of innovative safety equipment and technology for firefighters, MSASafety will also be showcasing its own Connected firefighting platform a combination of advanced safety technologies that, taken as a whole, greatly improve the monitoring and communication of firefighters. The two key components of the Connected Firefighter Platform are LUNAR Connected device and FireGrid MSA software services.

The multifunctional handheld LUNAR provides personal thermal imaging and various other innovative features to enhance the safety and surveillance of firefighters. Among these innovations is MSA’s proprietary Fire Assist Search Technology (FAST) network, which alerts comrades and directs them to squad members in need of assistance. In addition, the cloud-based network offers the operations center an overview of on-site activities, also logging data from other MSA devices such as the M1 breathing apparatus. When in use, it transmits important SCBA data such as cylinder air pressure, battery level and various alarm indicators. FireGrid allows dispatchers to monitor and manage multiple situations simultaneously, from anywhere.

At this year’s fair, MSA will be showcasing several enhancements to these cutting-edge technologies, including:

  • M1Control modules compatible with LUNAR: Using the built-in Bluetooth functionality of the M1Control, tank pressure and other alarm indicators can be recorded by LUNAR and sent to the FireGrid, giving firefighters real-time on-scene information. Conversely, alarms (e.g. evacuation requests) can be transmitted from the operations center via LUNAR to the M1Control and instruct the firefighters to leave the building immediately. M1Control and LUNAR module-Devices work together as a system. Once paired, the LUNAR motion alarm functions are set to M1Control by default, so firefighters are not distracted by the operation of the two motion detection devices.
  • FireGridMap view: Thanks to the GPS capability of devices such as the LUNAR, commanders can now track the location of their troops in the FireGrid application monitor.
  • Cooperation with Fotokite:this wire drone technology by kite pictures will be on display and its aerial video capabilities will be added to Connected firefighters Platform from MSA be integrated.

The fire department is a demanding profession that requires courage and mastery in very dangerous situations, ”said Traynor. To perform well, firefighters need confidence in themselves, their crew and their safety equipment. Firefighters can be informed so that we can provide them with innovative solutions and technologies, so that they know that we support them while they are at work ”.

To see the latest MSA news at Interschutz, visit the company’s booth in Hall 14, StandH20 or visit You can also follow MSA Fire’s posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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