Freiberg. The new edition of the Night of Science and Economy met with great interest over the weekend in Freiberg. For the seventh time, scientists opened their lecture halls, students took their laboratories out into the streets and squares, revealed the inner workings of the workshops. Multigenerational audiences took advantage of the invitation to discover, experiment and experience. Despite the sweating temperatures, hundreds of visitors took over the stands and offers on Saturday at Schlossplatz, the Science Corridor, and at the Center for Efficient High Temperature Material Conversion (ZeHS) and the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg (HIF) Resource Technology. With this offer, the organizers once again highlighted the importance of Silberstadt as a place of education as a center for cutting-edge research and practice-oriented technology management. Academics, academics and students were able to inspire inquisitive guests with imaginative proposals. Attention was paid to topics such as “How to Build a Pizza Oven”, “What is Behind the Cinderella Principle” and “What the Ripper Does”.

Attract young scientists

Hungry for adventure, they quenched their hunger for knowledge under the slogan “Treats from the chemical laboratory – molecular gastronomy like in Alles Käthe!” and “Go shopping with the cargo bike from tomorrow.” For one evening, Schlossplatz presented itself as the largest open-air experimental laboratory in Saxony, like a tent city, with countless stands inviting people to DIY, try things out and better learn. The core of the demonstration were ideas for more sustainable management and living.

Understanding what knowledge is – this is the slogan of the action day. The main concern of the organizers: attracting young scientists for the perfect location of the Freiberg university. Knowledge was to be passed on to the bright spirits in a fun way, and girls and boys were to be interested in experimenting.