Police reports for Lüneburg, June 20, 2022: ++ Adendorf – road accident with an oncoming car – drunk driver ++ Lüneburg – property destruction on the school playground – witness testimony ++ Gusborn – stolen car trailer ++

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++ Adendorf – road accident with an oncoming car – drunk driver ++ Lüneburg – damage to property on the school playground – witnesses ++ Gusborn – stolen car trailer ++

Lüneburg (ots) –

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Police control Lüneburg / Lüchow-Dannenberg / Uelzen from 20/06/2022


Bleckede, ST. Garlstorf – Research after poaching fish

On 06/19 the 57-year-old from Boizenburg was checked by the water police in Scharnebeck while fishing in the Elbe area. The man was fishing on the Elbe without a fishing permit. It was also found that the 57-year-old was keeping a caught carp alive in a plastic bag. For this reason, proceedings for poaching and violation of the Animal Welfare Act were initiated.

Lüneburg – a car with a broken manhole cover – witnesses

On 06/19 Between 6:00 and 12:15 unknown perpetrators smashed the glass of a parked VW car on Ilmenaustrasse with a hatch cover. A purse was also stolen from the car. Property damage is 1000 euros.

Information is obtained from the Lüneburg Police, tel. 04131-83062215.

Lüneburg – heating pad sets fire to the mattress – resident slightly injured

Late in the evening of June 19, a small fire broke out in an apartment building in Medebekskamp. According to preliminary findings, a 79-year-old resident placed a heating pillow on the mattress around 23:00. After a short time, the 79-year-old noticed a burning smell and realized that the mattress was on fire, possibly due to a technical defect of the heating pad. This can be removed by the resident herself. The 79-year-old, however, suffered minor injuries, so she was treated in the hospital. There was minor property damage.

Lüneburg – a drunk cyclist crashes himself

On the evening of June 19, around 5:00 p.m., there was a bicycle accident in the area of ​​Am Graalwall Street. Witnesses reported the rider who was apparently no longer fit for riding and continued his journey despite the fall. The 47-year-old was then found at a gas station. The breath alcohol test showed 2.6 out of a thousand. A blood sample was then taken.

Adendorf – road accident with an oncoming car – driver drunk

There was a road accident in the early morning of June 19. on Im Suren Winkel Street. Shortly after 7:00 a.m., a 32-year-old Tesla driver crossed the middle lane towards oncoming cars and touched an oncoming Mercedes. He was injured in accident no one. Exhaled alcohol testing on a 32-year-old girl showed over 0.8 per thousand. Then the driving license was secured and blood was taken. Property damage was a good 10,000 euros.

Wittorf – the car goes out of the way – the driver is slightly injured

In the late evening of June 19, there was a road accident on County Road 28 between Hohensand and Wittorf. According to preliminary findings, the 19-year-old Kia car driver was driving along the county road towards Wittorf just before 23:00. Turning left, the 19-year-old turned right off the road, then turned left and touched three trees by the road. The driver was slightly injured in the accident. Property damage was a good 8,000 euros.

Lüneburg – the danger of an iron bar and a damaged car

In the morning of June 20, a 32-year-old cyclist rebelled on Lindenstrasse. The 32-year-old, who has already been reported to the police several times, was on his bicycle around 8:30 on the left side of two lanes. The 49-year-old had to stop the car and slowly drove past the cyclist. The 32-year-old suddenly attacked a VW car and hit and kicked it several times. It was damaged during the attack. Soon before, there was a situation with the 32-year-old in the theater. With an iron rod, he chased a 47-year-old man who found refuge in the theater grounds. The iron rod was removed from the 32-year-old by several people present. Appropriate criminal proceedings were initiated, inter alia, for threats and damage to property.

Lüneburg – property damage in the school yard – witnesses

Last weekend it happened between 17.06. and 20.06. property damage in the courtyard of Hermann Löns primary school on the street in front of the new gate. Unknown people damaged the side window of the school’s outbuilding. Additionally, a small fire was probably set on fire and the tiles were damaged. Property damage amounts to several hundred euros.

Information is obtained from the Lüneburg Police, tel. 04131-83062215.

Lüneburg – accident on Reichenbachstraße – driver slightly injured

On the morning of June 20, there was a road accident just before 9:00 am on Reichenbachstraße near the intersection in Wendisches Dorfe. The 59-year-old VW driver was driving Reichenbachstraße towards Bockelmannstraße in the left lane. The 67-year-old Mercedes driver drove onto Reichenbachstrasse and suddenly veered from the right-hand lane to the left. Because of this, there was a collision in which the 59-year-old was slightly injured. Property damage was a good € 13,000.


Lüchow – “dispute”

In the late evening hours of June 19, 2022, a larger crowd gathered in the Schützenplatz area of ​​Tannenbergstraße due to prolonged disputes between two large families. Around 21:20 the 27-year-old was, among others pushed and beaten. The police were present on the scene with several police cars and conducted an investigation.

Gusborn – Stolen car trailer

Between June 15 and 18, 2022, unknown persons stole a car trailer from a property in Gusneitz. The damages amounted to several hundred euros. Police in Lüchow, tel. 05841-122-0, receive the information.

Dannenberg, OT. Schaafhausen – 400 square meters of burnt grass

At noon on June 19, 22, a fire broke out on a good 400 square meters on the property in Schaafhausen. The fire department was in action.


Uelzen – Burglary kiosk breakdown – perpetrators detected and overwhelmed

On the night of 6/20/22, the 23-year-old tried to break open the front door of a kiosk at Friedensreich-Hundertwasser-Platz main bus station with a knife. Police officers managed to find the man at the scene around 1:45 and overpower him. The officers grabbed his knife. At the same time, investigators are checking whether Uelzener can still be considered in the next break-ins.

Bad Bevensen – stolen food together – temporary arrest

This is not the first time that a 28-year-old has “long fingers” and “confusing yours and mine.” On June 19, 2022, at around 11:00 a.m., a man was spotted at a discount store on Fritz-Reuter-Weg, when he and his 35-year-old wanted to steal a few groceries and a cordless drill / driver. Employees were able to stop the 28-year-old from escaping and hold him until the police arrived. The 35-year-old ran away. Since the 28-year-old had already been spotted for a number of other similar crimes, the attorney on duty ordered the man to be arrested temporarily at the request of the police.

Uelzen, ST. Ripdorf – “microsen” -> went off the road – 17,500 euros property damage

A 54-year-old VW Crafter truck driver had an accident in Hamburger Strasse on the morning of June 20, 2022, possibly due to a microsleep. At around 10:00 am, a man pulled his van off the road to the right, ran into a parked Opel car and pushed it over another VW Golf. Nobody was hurt. The damage was a good 17,500 euros.

This report was sent by the Lüneburg / Lüchow-Dannenberg / Uelzen Police Inspectorate on June 20, 2022 at 6:15.

Criminal statistics on home burglaries in the district of Lüneburg

According to the police criminal statistics (PKS) of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), in the district of Lüneburg in 2020 in fact 226 offenses recorded in connection with home burglary, while 45.1% of cases were attempted crime. this clearance rate was included in 2020 32.7%. Among the 69 suspects, there were 11 women and 58 men. 40.6% of people are suspects of non-German origin.

age number of suspects
under 21 years of age 26
21 to 25 6
25 to 30 10
30 to 40 14
40 to 50 9
50 to 60 3
over 60 1

For 2019, the BKA police crime statistics reported 394 reported burglary cases in the Lüneburg district, the explanation rate here was 22.1%.

Statistics of road accidents and casualties in the last 3 years

Able Lower Saxony was a year 2020 a total of 27 804 road accidents with injuries 369 fatalities and 34,974 wounded. In recent years, there has been a slight downward trend in the number of road accidents registered by the police throughout Germany. In 2020, a total of 2,245,245 accidents occurred in Traffic 2,685,661 cases in 2019 and 2,636,468 cases in 2018. This trend can also be observed in the number of personal injury accidents. In 2020, there were 264,499 accidents in which people were injured, and a total of 3,046 people were killed. In 2018, 3,275 fatalities were recorded out of 308,721 accidents with injuries.

Fires and arson in Germany in 2020

According to the police records in Germany, in 2020 20,735 arson cases or posing a fire hazard. According to fire protection statistics, there are approximately 200,000 house fires annually. This means that there is a fire somewhere every two minutes. About 600 people die in house fires in Germany each year.

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