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Advertisement. Finally! The European Central Bank (ECB) is backing down from its rigid stance. For the first time in eleven years, it wants to raise key interest rates in July, initially probably by 0.25 percent, and perhaps also by 0.50 percent. Further rate hikes are to come. “It’s not a step, it’s a whole journey,” said ECB President Christine Lagarde. Change is urgently needed. As it does not matter whether it is at the distributor or during everyday purchases, the price increase is an excessive burden for us consumers.

The central bank’s relentless reassurances that price increases are temporary and that inflation will soon be within the 2% target are also a thing of the past. Inflation in the euro area is likely to amount to around 6.8% this year, and in 2023 the price increase is expected to drop to 3.5%, according to ECB forecasts. Deutsche Bundesbank expects even higher figures in Germany, expecting an inflation rate of 7.1%. this year and 4.5 percent. next. According to the president of the Bundesbank, Joachim Nagel, inflation this year will be even higher than at the beginning of the 1980s. It is high time, then, for the ECB to take countermeasures and end its ultra-loose monetary policy.

What does this mean for investors? In any case, investors can expect zero and negative interest rates to end soon. However, buying long-term bonds doesn’t make much sense in times of rising interest rates, and interest rate hikes are known to be poisonous to the stock markets. Structured securities, such as Tresor limit bonds, open up in this environment the possibility of not investing directly in stocks or classic bonds. Thanks to them – as in the case presented below – the repayment of the nominal amount can be guaranteed, and the amount of income depends on the future performance of the exchange up to the set upper limit (cap). The turmoil in the stock markets in recent months has provided attractive conditions, while at the same time there is ample time for a lasting recovery in the stock markets.

128% Cap and 100% Capital Protection *

this DekaBank EURO STOXX 50® treasury strip with an attachment 07/2029 (WKN DK06PA) fully contributes to the positive performance of the EURO STOXX 50® Index at maturity after seven years up to its maximum level. This limit is set at 128 percent of the original value (index closing price July 1, 2022). The repayment can therefore be up to EUR 1,280.00, which corresponds to a maximum yield of 28.00 percent compared to the nominal amount invested (EUR 1,000.00). If the EURO STOXX 50® Index is quoted below its initial value on the valuation date (29/06/2029), the 100% principal * protection ensures a repayment of the nominal amount of EUR 1,000.00.

In any case, you are only participating in the positive development of the underlying asset up to the limit. As with any bond, the issuer’s risk should also be considered. This means that in the case of Tresor bonds, there would be a risk of loss, even a total loss, in the event of the insolvency of DekaBank.

The subscription is valid from 13/06/2022 to 07/01/2022, with the possibility of extension or shortening.

* End-of-period capital protection by the issuer and based on par

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