The iconic band Seven Up in Göttingen is falling apart

Gottingen. The crown pandemic also hit the Gottingen a cappella Seven Up. The traditional Christmas concert was canceled entirely in 2020, two dates were scheduled for 2021 which had to be canceled in a short time. Now an alternate date has been found, as has the new location. On October 8 and 9, Seven Up will perform in Göttingen at the Sheddachhalle in the Sartorius district. These will be their two farewell concerts.

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The six singers have gathered in their “rehearsal room”, the greeting is cheerful, actually a good mood. But the news must get spread quickly. “We stopped.” oops! You may be a little surprised yourself, but the arguments come quickly. It is a decision of the head, not the heart.

save beautiful

“We want to save beauty,” says Christiane Eiben. It’s still fun, but all six realize that effort is slowly taking over. “The crown was biting us,” explains Heike Neumeyer. For example, the inability to try. “I don’t have the strength for such big concerts anymore,” says Neumeyer. Everyone is “increasingly involved in other things,” adds Benjamin Stürzenhofecker. You can do such great things if you have the right time, says Eiben. But they don’t have them anymore. Professionally, everyone is very busy, explains Torsten Uhlendorff. So busy that it’s getting harder and harder to find rehearsal dates.

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The history of Seven Up began 32 years ago. They were all solo singers back then. At one point, they came up with the idea of ​​a concert with the Abby mix. From this the Seven Up project developed.

A formation with a powerful voice can look back on countless performances in Göttingen, always with humor and a hint of irony, often with crazy stage decorations and costumes. Heike Neumeyer, Christiane Eiben, Benjamin Stürzenhofecker and the brothers Gregor and Christoph Jess have been there from the beginning until today. Andrea Schrader and Andreas “Perle” Bothmann left later and Thorsten Uhlendorff joined them. Appearances in Pop Meets Classic, charity concerts for the Cancer Orphanage and Unicef, welcoming first years to university: the list goes on and on. Her Christmas concerts were legendary.

“We are very sad ourselves,” says Neumeyer at the end. But the time is right. It’s fun now. They want to stop “before you fight back.” “We’re going to cry brats and water,” Eiben is sure after the two October shows. “Seven Up is a family, I miss it so much,” admits Stürzenhofecker. “We’ve had an amazing amount of time together, we’ve done such crazy things.”

Nun’s costumes and the compulsion to make handicrafts

And then they go through all these beautiful experiences very quickly, they tell about the beginnings, about Christiane Eiben’s “DIY compulsion”, about all the wonderful costumes. The nun’s outfit, for example, was well received, but terribly impractical “you saw nothing, heard nothing.” The highlight was her trip to China – her longest journey. It was an excursion from the University of Göttingen to the partner university of Nanjing to which Seven Up was invited. “We were informed in advance that the Chinese do not gossip that much,” recalls Christiane Eiben. And then, during the performance, even a child was brought onto the stage.

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Another highlight was the tunnel holiday camp workshop. It was “so exhausting, but great,” remembers Neumeyer. A concert with 125 children, “they celebrated it”. “Our 25th Anniversary at the Deutsches Theater” is one of Uhlendorff’s special concerts. There were “bad things,” sighs Jess Gregor, keywords yodeling and dirndl costumes. “We have often had great guests” at performances such as Edo Zanki and the Stadtkantorei choir 2018 at their biggest concert in Lokhalle.

Advance sale starts on June 22

They are currently working on the set list for two October concerts. Over the years, they have edited 120 songs in their own way for polyphonic singing. Rock, pop, classical or country music, it’s all there. Now the choice is made, “things we want to sing,” says Christoph Jess, and everyone has a veto, they can name a song they definitely don’t want to sing, adds Gregor Jess. “We almost forgot we sang some songs,” says Neumeyer. Something showed up there. So the audience can expect a selection.

If you still have tickets for the 2021 Christmas Concerts, you can exchange them until Tuesday 21 June. If you still have questions about a replacement or cancellation, you can find information at On Wednesday, June 22, the general presale of the two concerts at Sheddachhalle will begin at all known retail outlets.

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