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Teatr im Steinbruch opens the season of “Robin Hood” and immediately conquers the hearts of the audience.

. At the premiere of a children’s play at the Theater im Steinbruch, it is rarely as crowded as it is on a Sunday afternoon with “Robin Hood”. It’s not always that hot. “It feels like 45 degrees Celsius,” says chairman Hans-Joachim Wipfler, “but the team said we’ll do it.”

And how they do it! It is a premiere with such verve and contagious temperament that about 400 young and young-spirited spectators quickly forgot about the heat – especially since in a natural theater in a quarry it is always a little cooler than in the city (and 80 liters of mineral water were sold during the break) . In addition, most of the guests are sitting in the shade, many have got fans, even a mini fan is included.

But on what is possibly the hottest day of the year, the sun hits the stage; Only after the break, when the sun is lower, the trees give some shade. But the actors roam the stage from the start, as if to warm up: lively dances, quick escapes and numerous wild fight scenes are just part of this successful production of director Silvia Gschwendtner. It is played in clothes more suitable for winter: heavy high boots, thick capes, leather jackets and gloves are part of the equipment. To keep you cool, the helpers behind the scenes have cooling packs ready, water and damp cloths.

Every gesture counts, something also happens next to the main plot; just like in real life. Young actors show full commitment and thus bring the characters on stage to life; this is true for both large and small roles. Lucas Meier, as a cowardly, greedy, and stupid sheriff, is easy to believe that he likes to take food from poor people and, like a spoiled child, he must have everything immediately. But where would he be without his convincingly cunning sidekick Jacob (Annabella Borowski), who is not lacking a new sneaky plan? After all, his henchmen (Maja Kesselring, Lynn Staatsmann) only care about their own advantage when it comes down to it. Johannes Wipfler as Robin Hood not only gives his best as a swordsman, but also as a good boss of a vigorous gang of robbers who couldn’t be more different, and it shows. And Josephine Blust as a confident Marian knows exactly what she wants: free her uncle (Lukas Bürgin) and become a member of the Robin gang! Which he can finally convince as a robber’s apprentice.

The audience has been there for a long time, because not only are they tough and never give up, they also have a lot of brains. The clumsy, voracious bear (Ben Wissert) is not that helpful as he only thinks about food but has laughter on his side. A completely different caliber is the icy “professional killer” (Luca Nowag) hired by the sheriff. But don’t worry, good wins.
The audience joins in, applauds the stage, enjoys the game and how the lies and deceptions turn against those who brought them into the world. Young viewers admire the martial arts of Robin Hood and the hired super killer. Then a happy ending: the faces on the stage are sweaty and pleased with the prolonged applause. Right: you did a great job. Despite the high temperatures. Conclusion: If you are planning a fun afternoon with the kids that is also fun for parents, you are in good hands here.

Information: Performances on June 26 and July 3, 10, 17 and 24 at 4:00 p.m., July 8 and 13 at 6:00 p.m. Evening performances (beginning 7.30 pm) 16, 22 and 27 July, dernière on 31 July at Tickets at Advance sale also at Optik Wipfler in Emmendingen and Kenzingen, Spielspirale Emmendingen, viewing at Waldkirch, Vollherbst-Koch bookshop in Endingen, Markstahler stationery in Denzlingen, Freiamt paper forge, Ralinda Reisen and Edis Kiosk in Herbolzheim.

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