Trending hairstyles of influencers in 2022

Beautiful heads: the trendy hairstyles of the season

If you want to know about the latest hair trends, take a look at the heads of fashionable influencers who monetize “looking good”. These heads show us the current hairstyles – this season not only stylish hairstyles, but also ideas for natural hair and transition lengths, and completely new hairstyles without any cut.

Basic hairstyle trends offer ideas for every hair length:

1. Natural, free, self-confident

Harper’s Bazaar sees “Effortless Hair” as the trend of the season: the hair is not endlessly styled, but worn quite naturally, freely and confidently when it dries out in the air.

Influencers Blanca Miro, Camille Charriere and Elsa Hosk show us this hairstyle trend that is also known as the self-love style: show yourself as you are with naturally growing hair (which is especially popular as extra long XL hair). Only the ends need to be trimmed often enough to make the hair shine in full healthy splendor. If you want to cut a bit more hair, you can ask your trusted stylist for Lazy Girl Cut (Lazy Haircut) to give your hair a lazy look.

2. Hot pieces

If your hair is in dire need of a close cut, you can choose from a variety of on-trend hairstyles: A bright blunt blunt cut brings out the best in beautiful, shiny, straight hair. The strong, classic bob (cut into a bowl or cut in the case of a barber knife) is again very popular. Jawline bob with chin cut, micro bob (chin cut, neck thinning) and super short bob give new, magical shapes down to the cheekbones.

But you can choose layers in several forms as well: the short, feisty mixie cut (a mix of pixie and mullet, short hair at the top, with tassels on the ears) competes with the 90s drooping layers and shaguhila (shaggy mullet) for the top spot in layered hair . Jagger crop or rebel do not compete, but create a scene for dark hair in a very expressive way.

As they bring both trends together, the layered bobs are trend-setting favorites: the bixie cut combines bob and pixie cut with long bangs and layers on the sides and back of the head. With the Clavi Cut hairstyle, the bob cut hits above the collarbone, with longer hair in the front than in the back (which is good for pin-ups).

You can see many famous influencers wearing this trendy hairstyle in this Style Palace article.

The way to your own fashionable hairstyle

Lots of new trends for one head, the decision may be difficult for you. So it’s best to put them aside for a while and try out a few of your dream hairstyles first:

Thanks to the tape in the extensions, you can grow a long, natural mane whenever you want. But you can also take them off again or cut them into a bold trendy hairstyle that you prefer to try out for a few days.

You can also use an old tool that is now becoming a rebellious style: in 2022 the Bob will also be available as a wig, in modern blunt cuts and in all the latest colors.

If you want your hair to grow a bit longer this season, Clavi Cut and Mixie Cut are perfect as transition hairstyles: with these cuts your head doesn’t look sloppy even in the difficult intermediate stages, but just plain cool.

From trend to super trend: play with variations

Have you decided on one of the fashionable hairstyles?

Since simply copying these trends is mega-out (imagine meeting your role model at a party and standing together like twins), you should tailor your trendy hairstyle to suit your person and personality. The Stilpalast article, linked above and here, shows how different influencers are implementing current trends.

Once the basic hairstyle is in place, it’s time for the “supertrend” of the year: do more hairstyles as often as possible and to suit your mood and occasion. The following possible variations are very relevant today:

A twist in detail: The layered blunt bangs produce a crisp, straight-haired fringe that can easily grow into a trendy overshadowed fringe. Long, playful braids in long natural bangs set the stage for beautiful, long hair; as a simple accent or as an imaginative braided hairstyle. Braided hairstyles, blunt cuts and super short bobs look great with a neat parting in the center, often paired with baby braids or double buns on top of the head.

The (washable) shades bring a new color to the hair, with individual highlights and vivid highlights in particular this season:

– Dear brunettes: the combination of several delicate brown nuances gives the hair complex shades

– The 90s patches are back in full force: light strands that primarily frame the face and illuminate it with bright light

– Expensive blonde: “Luxurious blonde” in many shades of gold, dyed in thin strands on the hair

– Honey Lights: honey blonde highlights shine like a ray of sunshine and also make your complexion look pink and fresh

– Strawberry Brunette: The seductive strawberry chocolate tone is currently z. B. performed by Barbie Ferreira, Kendall Jenner and Zendaya.

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