Two artists work at Villa Jamm – Lahr

Mayjia Gille and Kurt Hockenjos will be exhibiting their art work in a historic building in the city park until the end of June.

. In June, they are part of the interdisciplinary Villa Jamm Artists program in the former merchant house and museum in the city park: Mayjia Gille and Kurt Hockenjos.

Artists work as artists residing in a villa that thrives in the city’s cultural center. The audience is invited to visit them and learn about the artistic work.

Kurt Hockenjos, a local painter and sculptor, introduced his colleague Mayija Gille from Leipzig on Saturday afternoon. Versatile about himself: he was born into an artist family, grew up in Leipzig, West Berlin and Munich, studied in Heidelberg, Munich and Leipzig, worked as a musician, author (especially poetry), actress and lecturer. When asked about her artistic interests, she replied that there is no such thing: “Like a juggler, I try to keep all the plates spinning.”

Freshly abstract, representative paintings hang on the walls, explanations are sought, the artist proposes stories with which inexperienced viewers can find their own way of expression. At the Saturday vernissage, Kurt Hockenjos recommended a book of poetry by Mayji Gilles, which has recently been published by an Erfurt publisher. She read it and surprised the listeners with the poem “Psalter”, which begins with the call “God” and then “we are dying of boredom”. In the following lines, written with lowercase and without punctuation, the continuation is an internal rebellion against a uniform, familiar and allegedly given by God. Religion and faith are her subjects, admits the artist, who at the age of five went with her 10-year-old brother to Nikolaikirche to take part in local programs. “It was fun for us,” she recalls. “Our parents didn’t know about it until they got a call from people there, they should come and see their kids at the shows.” These and other stories simply flow from her, a multimedia artist who ends the performance with two improvisations to jazz standards (“Fly me to the Moon” and “Summertime”), accompanied by a trumpet and a sound machine. It’s a pity her Eisvogel team has failed in the slaughterhouse, she says. It would be a good ending to her mansion. But the concert needs to be made up for. You can meet Mayjia Gille by the end of the month in her project “Contact with the zero line – turning points in life”, under the title of which she creates art in the space on the first floor and exhibits already finished works.

After the opening, Lahr artist Kurt Hockenjos spoke tirelessly about his method of work, and on Sunday also devoted time to a group of elderly people who, interestingly, entered his temporary studio on the ground floor of the villa and had questions. The former district cantor, Hermann Feist, was responsible for the organization.

Studies by Mayji Gille and Kurt Hockenjos They are open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 at Villa Jamm / Stadtpark.

BACKGROUND: Program in June

Comedian, musician and ventriloquist Tobias Gnacke will make a guest appearance at Villa Jamm Artists in Lahr City Park on Friday, June 24 at 5:00 pm in the Music Pavilion. On Saturday, June 25, the radio play Secrets of the Lahr City Park celebrates its premiere.
As announced by Tobias Gnacke, in his approximately 45-minute program, he presents the hits and stars of the 1950s and 1970s in a humorous way. There is also the cheeky penguin Richard. The artist breathes life into the dolls, gives the voices of the audience, parodies old songs, slips into countless roles and changes instruments at the same time.
The audio walk “Secrets of the City Park” premieres on Saturday, June 25 at 5:00 pm at City Park Lahr. The meeting point is at the park entrance. City Park founder Christian Wilhelm Jamm, his servant, his gardener and his former fiancée chats via smartphone app, Jamm comes to life on the radio of the station and accompanies those interested on a historical-philosophical walk through the exciting history of the park, its plants and animals. Apart from Jamma, his personal servant Pierre Chometon, his great love Amélie de Cantillon and his gardener Josef Bauer with a sewing box.

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