Xbox Ticker 2022: Where to Buy Xbox Series X (Update)

The Xbox GamesWirtschaft symbol documents how and where the Xbox Series X can be purchased (Image: Microsoft)

Amazon? media market? Otto? GamesWirtschaft documents an Xbox ticker where you can purchase an Xbox Series X in June 2022.

Offers are valid only while stocks last. On our Twitter feed we will inform you as soon as a new batch is released.

Xbox dealers in Germany:

Possibility to order / Available on the waiting list in branches / Sold Out

Amazon / – product page *
builder / – Halo Bundle * (sold out)
Expert / product page * / available Xbox Series X products at *
Household appliances store / available on order for € 499.99 / available Xbox Series X consoles * / product page *
Microsoft Store – Products page
Saturn / Bundle available for € 499.99 / Available Xbox Series X Consoles * / Product Page *
Otto / – Forza Horizon 5 pack * / available positions Xbox Series X / S * / direct link to Xbox Series X *
GameStop /
cyberport / product overview * / Xbox All Access with financing * / Xbox All Access without financing *.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S gaming news

June 20, 2022 (2:00 PM) update: Xbox Series X is available for pre-order at MediaMarkt * and Saturn * (delivery / collection by end of June). At Otto you can get the Forza Horizon 5 * bundle for 524.99 € (delivery within a few working days).

May 31, 2022 Patch (10:20): The Xbox Series X will be available for pre-order again Tuesday morning from MediaMarkt *.

May 24, 2022 update (10.00am): The Xbox Series X can still be ordered from Amazon for a suggested retail price of € 499.99 *. Delivery will be made before the weekend.

May 23, 2022 (11:00 AM) update: If you’d like your Xbox Series X delivered this week, you have the option today from Amazon: The Microsoft Console is available at the list price of € 499.99 *.

May 18, 2022 update (10.00am): The Xbox Series X can still be ordered from both Saturn * and MediaMarkt * – delivery or collection in mid-June.

May 16, 2022 update (9:00 PM): In addition to Saturn, sister company MediaMarkt also offers an Xbox Series X pre-order * for € 499.99. Also in this case, delivery / collection is possible from 8 June.

May 16, 2022 update (10.00am): If you order the Xbox Series X today at for € 499.99 *, you can expect delivery or pickup of your console shortly after Pentecost (week starting June 7).

May 11, 2022 update (11:45): Saturn offers a Far From Crying 6-Xbox Series X bundle for € 539.99 *. Delivery or collection possible from May 13. Update: sold out

May 9, 2022 (2:00 PM) update: Xbox Series X can be ordered from MediaMarkt for € 499.99 * – pickup / delivery from May 10, 2022.

April 14, 2022 Patch (1:20): Xbox Series X is currently available for pre-order on MediaMarkt * and Saturn * – delivery or collection will take place in the second week of May.

April 7, 2022 Patch (1:20): At Amazon, you can buy the Xbox Series X within these minutes for € 499.99 *.

April 6, 2022 update (10.00am): The Xbox Series X bundle is currently included with Otto * The Call of Duty avant-garde and Battlefield 2042 for 619 euros. This is the case of the sister company Baur Halo-Package available for 699 € *.

Update from 03/31/2022 (10:00 a.m.): Naked Console can be ordered from MediaMarkt * and Saturn * for € 499.99. Pickup and delivery possible before the weekend. Update: sold out

March 24, 2022 (4:00 PM) update: After Saturn, several Xbox bundles were also activated in MediaMarkt (delivery time: two to three working days):

March 24, 2022 update (3:45 pm): Saturn sells several bundles:

Packages can be delivered or ready for collection in two to three business days.

March 24, 2022 (10:00 AM) update: At Otto *, you’ll get an Xbox Series X bundle for € 559. This includes the console and the racing game Forza Horyzont 5. Delivery time: two to three days.

March 23, 2022 update (4:15 pm): At MediaMarkt * you can order the Xbox Series X for € 499.99. (Sold Out!)

March 23, 2022 (12:30 PM) Patch: The Xbox Series X can be ordered from Cyberport for € 499 *. (Sold Out!)

March 21, 2022 update (4:35 pm): One week after the last Amazon promotion, the Xbox Series X is back on Amazon today * (“All Offers”). (Sold Out!)

March 18, 2022 Patch (12:45 pm): The Xbox Series X bundle is available from Otto in these minutes *: Console Plus is available for € 619.99 Forza Horyzont 5 and FIFA 22. Delivery time: two weeks. (Sold Out!)

March 14, 2022 (2:00 PM) Patch: Amazon stocks are unavailable.

March 14, 2022 (1:30 PM) update: Up to two hours after activation, the Xbox Series X is still available from Amazon *.

March 14, 2022 (11:30 am) update: After a one-month hiatus, the Xbox Series X can be reordered from Amazon * within those minutes.

Even a year and a half after the premiere on November 10, 2020, the challenge remains to introduce the top model of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X to the open market.

The reasons for the lack of supply are similar to those at the time of market introduction:

  • First demand for next-gen game consoles continues to outstrip supply.
  • Secondly all sectors have a chronic shortage of semiconductors, which also affects game console manufacturers.
  • and third A huge imbalance in the area of ​​logistics leads to delays in deliveries, which often result in interruptions of several weeks.

Microsoft itself assumes that this situation will not change much in 2022, as announced in 2021 by the head of Xbox Phil Spencer. Unlike the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S is available in all markets * (Market Price: € 270 to € 280).

As with the PlayStation 5, the activation of the new console limits will not be announced in advance. Means: Devices are available from second to second – and tend to sell out quickly.

Buy Xbox Series X: dealers, prices, dates

You can buy the Xbox Series X from the following sources:


Amazon * is one of the largest Xbox sellers in Germany: The sender offers a console in the form of the so-called “Drops”, or spontaneous online sales. Exactly when it is and remains a company secret. Recommendation: Put the console * on your wish list in advance.


The sender of the equipment * is a Microsoft partner in the sale of the Xbox All Access package, consisting of the console and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – included in the contract for 24 months.

  • Xbox Series X + Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for EUR 32.99 per month * (with a 24-month period / total price: EUR 791.76)
  • Xbox S series + Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for EUR 24.99 per month * (with a 24-month period / total price: EUR 599.76)


Some Expert Stationary Dealerships have waiting lists. At * Xbox Series X has almost never been in range in the last few months.


The American video game network sells the Xbox Series X console Not in the online store, but only on the waiting list in over 100 branches throughout the country. The local situation varies greatly from region to region: just inquire at your “local” GameStop store.

Household appliances store

In collaboration with sister company Saturn, MediaMarkt * is one of the most important suppliers of the Xbox Series X in Germany. Some branches are said to have inventory, but sometimes they are only sold in conjunction with the Xbox All Access bundle.

Microsoft Store

Both the Xbox Series X and special models can be ordered at irregular intervals from the Microsoft Store. Small quotas are usually sold out within minutes. The Xbox team is breaking the approximate time window via social media.


Hamburg-based shipping company XXL is one of Microsoft’s closest marketing partners, but the Xbox Series X is rarely on offer *. Here you will find an overview of the available Xbox Series X / S products from Otto *.


When MediaMarkt sells, it sells Saturn as well – and vice versa: the Xbox Series X drops are happening in both online stores simultaneously, or with a slight delay at best. Tip: Also put the console on your watchlist on *.

Ebay / Ebay classifieds

The Xbox Series X chase can take time and nerves. If you want to shorten this path, you can also find the console on regular online platforms – but then with some big price surcharges. Currently you have to calculate between 550 and 650 euros, which is 50 to 150 euros more than the list price.

Our advice: Buy Xbox Series X privately only New and in original packaging (OVP) with the latest retailer invoice possible. Also follow the usual basic rules when shopping on eBay: read product description carefully, pay attention to seller ratings, ask if anything is unclear, always use official eBay communication channels (not email, not WhatsApp, not phone) and methods Buyer Protection Payments, such as Use PayPal.

What does it bring? warranty extension on Xbox Series X? Is it worth it or is it wasted money? Find the answers in this post.

  • Xbox Carbon Black controller – EUR 58.19 – order *
  • Xbox controller – white robot – EUR 58.19 – order *
  • Xbox Shock Blue controller – EUR 58.19 – order *
  • Xbox Play & Charge M Kit – EUR 58.19 – order *
  • Xbox Seagate expansion card (1TB) – 239 euro

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