A body was found in Salzgitter – this is how the search evolved

The case of a missing person in Salzgitter

A body was found in Salzgitter – this is how the search evolved

June 21, 2012, 19:48

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On Monday evening, investigators from Salzgitter used tracking dogs to search for the missing 15-year-old. On Tuesday, the police found the body of a woman in Salzgitter-Fredenberg.

Photo: Rudolf Karliczek / Salzgitter info

The Salzgitter police searched for a missing 15-year-old student in Fredenberg for three days. Then she stumbled upon a corpse.

Discovery of a female body in an overgrown property in the middle of the year Fredenberg it’s tuesday noon frantic searching after 15-year-old student terribly over. About 50 officers riot police it has been in almost continuous use recently tracking dogs, drones and bicycles I combed the residential area for the girl.

Police refused to finally confirm on Tuesday that the body was a missing student. As investigators heard, it is considered relatively safe. Moreover, the circumstances indicated that the 15-year-old victim of a violent crime he became. Only an hour earlier, the police had not given up hope Fredenberg woman to be able to safely pass them on to parents. AND protocol this dramatic morning proves it.

This is how the search for a missing person in Salzgitter proceeded

Kurt Schumacher’s Ring, 11:00 am: Numerous police vehicles are parked in the Lidl supermarket parking lot. In the streets you can see uniformed policemen interrogating passersby, searching garbage cans and systematically patrolling a residential area near the school center for any traces of missing girls. Spokesman Matthias Pintak says the girl has been missing since Sunday.

However, preliminary surveys among those closest to the student would not bring any useful insights. Therefore, officials intensified the search the next day, reports Pintak.

Investigators combed the entire district with the support of a squadron of service dogs and the forces of the Police Headquarters, and the search was not stopped until the evening hours. “We still hope to find the girl alive,” said the rep. It should be noted that two days after the missing persons have been reported, it is difficult to justify brief optimism.

Hans Böckler’s Ring, at 11.15: All kinds of theories can be imagined. Could the girl have run away from home? Has the 15-year-old had an accident or is she helpless in a ditch after a fall and is seriously injured?

Memories arise from the search for missing persons at Lake Salzgitter or the incident in early May 2021 at Lake Heerter: at that time, the police were looking for a 70-year-old boy from the Elbe by night in a helicopter. A friend reported an elderly woman missing because she cannot be contacted via a mobile phone. The crews of three police cars and a police helicopter with a thermal imaging camera searched the area. The woman went for a run at Heerter See at night, but got lost in the dark. The police continued their search until dawn. But at least the incident ended happily: around 4.45 a.m. the 70-year-old apparently found her way back to the parked car. The police considered her safe.

11.20: But the longer the officers search, the more hope in the case of a student from Fredenberg dies. Many officials began to systematically look for recycling islands. The garbage bags are opened and the contents searched for traces. The containers for old clothes were already opened in the morning, because it could not be ruled out that the girl had dropped in and could not leave. Meanwhile, her photo is even circulating on social networks.

11:26: The search is focused on a wooded corner property between Kurt-Schumacher and Hans-Böckler-Ring. An investigative team drives up and pulls a “DJI Matrice 300” out of the trunk. The drone, equipped with a thermal imaging camera, has been used in such searches since 2010. It can stay in the air for 35 minutes. However, it has one drawback – says the officer who remotely controls the drone. The aircraft can only locate human bodies when they are outdoors. The search is doomed to failure under leaves or foliage.

11:44 a.m. But that’s not the case with a missing student. Just minutes after the drone was hovering high in the air above an empty lot, police reported the discovery of a female body.

Salzgitter-Fredenberg: Not long after the drone took off, the police discovered the body

12.05: The Hans-Böckler-Ring is fenced off with a barrier tape, the police gather emergency services and vehicles on the property. The spectators line up on the Kurt Schumacher’s Ring. The information provided by Press Secretary Pintak is extremely sparse. “The police are currently investigating the identity of a young woman. The investigation has to find out if it’s a missing 15-year-old girl. It cannot be confirmed at the moment, he says with pursed lips.

Officially, it is said that suicides and violent crimes cannot be ruled out. Further investigation must now clarify how the woman died. Police are investigating in all directions, says Pintak.

17 o’clock: Officials secure further tracks, the road remains closed and is now considered a crime scene. If you live there, you need to park your car outside, report to the police and they will escort you to your apartment. How long will it take for all traces to be assessed and preserved? This could take “a few days,” Pintak suspects. What comes to light in the forensic examination of the corpse as to the possible proceedings and the details of the alleged violent crime is completely open.

What remains is helplessness, terror and a lack of speech in the face of an act of violence that may have happened in the middle of the estate. “If that’s the case, it’s a bad case I’ve never experienced here,” says concerned Pintak.

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