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APA ots news: FREQUENTIS presents MissionX: the multimedia multimedia radio connectivity of the future 24/7 – BILD

Safety critical communication is out

world revolution – comparable to the introduction

smartphone 15 years ago.

Vienna (APA-ots) – Digital radio communication from

Blue light organizations mainly work with

closed systems (TETRA) and is limited to

speech transmission. “Emergency forces must be constant

growing challenges in dealing with operations and

Serious damage situations, such as: B. flood disasters – also ber

National borders – modern, efficient systems. Hence

we launch MissionX to offer more powerful

Hardware, software and benefits of 4G / 5G networks, including chats,

Video as well as data transmission up to database query

make it possible, ”explains Gnter Graf, vice president, Startup


So while the police, army, fire brigades and so far

Rescue organizations mostly in separate networks

communicated with each other and had to be limited to language,

all the finesse of modern multimedia communication will be available in the future

available. Even critical infrastructure such as energy and

Water supply or airports use new digital technology


Frequentis is even active several times in the leading position: So

The EU runs the program prior to awarding the contract to be set up

Master broadband network. Consortium below

Frequentis management has exceeded 3 years thanks to the “BroadPort” solution

Phases selected and currently performed in the last phase

solution pilot program.

Austrian Secretary of State, fr digitizationFlorian Turski,

visited the Frequentis booth in CCW to see

intensively with Hannes Bardach, the main shareholder of Frequentis i

Chairman of the Supervisory Board for security matters

communication exchange. “Digitalisation is important

The aspect of public safety, thanks to the new

Technologies that we can operate faster and more efficiently that can

Save lives. Press release Vienna / Austria, June 21, 2022

Page 2 | 2 nationwide 5G expansion will bring us

the ability to make decisions even faster and more confidently “

said Secretary of State Tursky.

Frequentis is a leader in development, production and

Providing mission-critical communication – especially Fr.

Organizations, authorities and organizations with blue light

Security tasks (BOS) in Europe, but also in the world. Step

on the interoperability of individual systems and generations is now

definitely a milestone, as is Charlotte Rsener, the boss

Mission-critical communication at Frequentis and founder

“BroadPort” consortium emphasizes: “Our system is based on

interoperable and standardized solution for

safety-critical application using standardized

Suitable broadband communication networks for this purpose

be expanded and with optimized orchestration

secure transmission and distribution for national networks

Allow multimedia for organizations with blue light. “

From June 21 to June 23, the Messe Wien is all about

public safety. As part of “Critical Communication”

World ”, which was the largest of well over 1,000 participants

an international security-critical conference

Communication, presents Frequentis as one of the leading

A developer and provider of state-of-the-art communication solutions for

Aviation, shipping and public safety, his

pioneering solutions based on broadband connectivity.


Frequentis is a global provider of communication services and

Information systems for control centers with critical security issues

Works. The listed family business is developing

innovative solutions in the Air Traffic Management segments (civil

military air traffic control, air defense) and public safety i

Transport (police, fire brigade, rescue, railway, shipping).

With a market share of 30%, the group is the world market leader

Voice communication systems for air traffic control. Global leader

Frequentis also deals with information management and

Communication systems for aviation.

As a global corporation with approximately 2,150 employees

Frequentis through a global network of over 50 companies

countries, headquarters are in Vienna. Products, services and

solutions are provided by customers in over 40,000 workplaces in approx

150 countries in use. Frequentis listed on the Viennese and

Frankfurt Stock Exchange, ISIN: ATFREQUENT09, WKN: A2PHG5. In 2021

sales amounted to EUR 333.5 million and EBIT was EUR 29.0 million.


Wherever frequentis systems are used, people are fr

responsible for the safety of other people and property. solutions

to optimize air traffic for air traffic control centers

in reducing emissions.

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