Beginning of the trial: from poacher to murderer? – Shots killed by policemen – Panorama

The 39-year-old main accused sits in the courtroom of the Kaiserslautern District Court. Photo: Uwe Anspach / dpa-Pool / dpa

The crime in Kusel shocked the country: two policemen were shot during a night traffic control. Investigators only assume one perpetrator. The defendant now presents a different version.

Kaiserslautern – At night, on a deserted county road, two policemen check the van. Moments later, they are both dead, shot. Now, six months later, Chief Prosecutor Stefan Orthen describes the crime in detail.

Already at the beginning of the trial on Tuesday, there were indications that it would be a lengthy trial before the district court in Kaiserslautern.

Serious allegations

According to the indictment, shots from a double-barrel rifle and rifle seriously injured the head of a 24-year-old policewoman and her 29-year-old colleague. Opposite Orthen are two men who were caught by two police officers poaching that fateful night in a courtroom.

The prosecution accuses a 39-year-old man of shooting a young policewoman and her colleagues during a night traffic control. The German citizen acted out of greed and wanted to conceal poaching.

The prosecutor suspects that the accused trotted at night with a 33-year-old accomplice. In the case of the younger, the prosecutor’s office assumes, inter alia, an attempt to avoid criminal prosecution – apparently he helped to cover his tracks.

At the beginning of the trial, the 39-year-old accused a co-accused of killing one of the victims. His client heard shots during the incident in late January and was “embarrassed,” the man’s defense attorney said in a statement.

The investigation shows that the policewoman and her colleague found out during a night patrol of a standing car on the edge of a district road. They went out to check. They discovered numerous dead wild animals in the cargo space of the van. Surprisingly, according to the prosecutor’s office, the 39-year-old then fired a shotgun “from close range in the head” of a candidate for a policeman. The woman fell into the street with serious injuries.

Justice: Both suspects fled the scene

According to it, the accused was to shoot the police commissioner first with a shotgun and then with a hunting rifle, ultimately hitting him in the head. According to the indictment, the shot officer initially responded with fire, but missed the target. “They shoot,” he said on the radio.

When the 39-year-old noticed that the policewoman was still alive, he fired another gun shot at the woman’s head. According to the judiciary, the two suspects escaped and were arrested hours later in the nearby Saarland.

However, the 39-year-old’s defender explained that his client had also fired – but “only so that he would not be fired anymore,” he said, describing the type of self-defense situation. The 39-year-old saw the muzzle flash in a confusing situation and fired in that direction. After the incident in Kusel, he wanted to confront the Saarland authorities, but first he wanted to talk to his wife – a special group (SEK) warned him and arrested him.

Defense of the 33-year-old partner dismissed representation as inaccurate and “predictable”. It was just as his client described during the interview. In it, the man admitted to hunting poaching, but denied shooting himself. He was also initially investigated for the murders, but investigators later dismissed the allegation.

Both accused of poaching

The 39-year-old previously drew the attention of the authorities to the suspicion of poaching. According to the authorities, since April 2020, he cannot own, buy or borrow weapons. The suspect also had a hunting license only until the end of March 2020.

A weapon suspected of a murder has been seized in Saarland. The 39-year-old’s wife is now also investigated for neglecting the murder and violating the gun law. Reportedly, she bought a shotgun in 2021 and bought the rifle from a gun store in Saarland – legally. The way her husband got the gun is part of the investigation.

Both accused are also accused of collective night poaching. Psychiatric reports did not contain evidence of limited criminal liability. After about an hour, the court adjourned the hearing for the following Monday (June 27, 9:00 am).

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