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CBD online store Edelhanf has done a large CBD test and compared the best CBD oil drops. The Stiftung Warentest evaluation on CBD was also used. In terms of quality and price comparison, CBD oil test winners 2022 are broken down by cannabidiol concentration:

  • CBD oil test winners 5
  • 10 CBD oil test winners
  • CBD oil test winners 15
  • 20 CBD oil test winners
  • CBD oil test winner 25

A CBD oil price comparison, including 2022 field reviews and reports, can be viewed at https://edelhanf.de/cbd-oel-testsieger/.

The quality criteria are taken into account in the CBD test

There are many CBD oils on the market. However, the consumer has to make many decisions. What concentration of CBD hemp oil should I choose? Is organic-grade CBD oil better than conventionally produced oil? Which extraction method is preferred. Should you buy CBD oil as an isolate or pure and natural full spectrum CBD oil? These questions were taken into account in the CBD test in addition to the prices per milliliter or milligram of cannabidiol.

Which CBD oils are legal and available on the market in Germany?

CBD oils can be purchased in many different concentrations. Hemp oil is available with 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and more cannabidiol percentages. Since the concentration of cannabidiol is absorbed differently by individual people, low concentration CBD oils are mainly used for application testing. Generally speaking, the greater the amount of cannabidiol it contains, the greater the potency of CBD oil.

A CBD oil price comparison has shown that the costs for the same amount in different concentrations are different. This allows consumers to save money with CBD oil in high doses by 25% or more compared to low-concentrated hemp oils.

CBD Oil Price Comparison: The cost of CBD oil depends on the concentration

Oils containing a high concentration of CBD are the most expensive. Depending on the production process and quality, this costs a

  • CBD oil with five percent between 20 and 30 euros.
  • CBD oils with 10 percent are available for between 25 and 50 euros.
  • CBD oils with 15% cannabidiol cost from 50 to 80 euros.
  • The most expensive are CBD oils that contain 20%, 25%, 27% or more percent CBD. They cost over 100 Euro for 10ml.

The price difference between the price-performance winner and the most expensive CBD oil with the same concentration was more than 40 euros per bottle in the test.

Recommendations from the test are CBD Vitadol oil (also available in pharmacies) and Cannadol hemp oil, which turned out to be test winners in various categories by concentration:

  • Vitadol hemp oil in various concentrations
  • Cannadol hemp oil in various concentrations.

Vaay CBD mouth spray and CBD essential oil in the test

The VAAY product was also able to score points with slight flaws. In the test and price comparison, the VAAY CBD oral spray fared well and made it on the recommendation list.

CBD vital oil and BIO CBD oil in full spectrum BioBloom from Austrian producers are equally popular with many users.

The difference between organic CBD Demeter oils and conventional CBD oil in the test

The hemp used for the production of Bio CBD must not be treated with artificial fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic plant protection products. The Demeter fields promote the natural landscape and the biodiversity of the animals and plants that live there. If cannabis is grown according to Demeter guidelines, strict requirements must be met. Requirements are lower for other organic seals.

For example, a cultivated area must be fertilized with natural fertilizer that is produced directly on the farm. Pests are combated naturally by beneficial insects.

Conventional CBD oil can be grown in industrial agriculture. It is possible that the plants are grown indoors under artificial lighting. This crop is not sustainable due to its high energy consumption.

Why is full spectrum CBD oil better?

Normal CBD oil consists of a carrier oil and cannabidiol. The hemp plant also contains other valuable ingredients such as terpenes and secondary plant substances. The combination of individual ingredients improves the oil’s performance. This increase is also known as the entourage effect.

Carfilen, myrcene, and pinene support the anxiolytic and sedative effects of CBD. Along with limonene and linalool, CBD can be used to soothe acne.

Since terpenes increase the spectrum of action of cannabidiol, full spectrum oil is always more effective than pure CBD oil.

How is CBD extracted from hemp?

The leaves and flowers of industrial hemp are used in the production of CBD. The female cannabis plants contain high levels of cannabidiol, but only a small amount of THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effect.

In most cases, a CO2 extraction process is used during production. High pressure and CO2 release valuable nutrients from the plant. When the pressure is lowered, these substances separate from the CO2. All natural ingredients are fully preserved. Heating turns CBDA acid into active CBD.

In addition to CBD, other phytocannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes are also retained during decarboxylation.

The oil also contains minerals, trace elements, vitamins, chlorophyll, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and carotenoids.

A carrier oil is added so that the resulting CBD can be easily used. Coconut oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil are well suited. Hemp oil as a carrier oil causes a bitter taste in the oil blend.

CBD is also obtained through oil or solvent extraction processes. Particularly pure CBD in the form of crystals is only produced during extraction with carbon dioxide.

The best CBD oil with CO2 and ultrasonic extraction

Extraction of very high-quality CBD oils is possible with the help of ultrasound. The ultrasonic waves break the cell walls of the cannabis plant. This allows the solvent to penetrate the cells better and dissolve the components. By using ultrasound during CO2 extraction, especially high-quality cannabinoids can be released from the cannabis plant.

How does WHO evaluate the effects of CBD on health?

Unlike THC, CBD is not classified as a drug by the WHO. Numerous studies have shown that CBD cannot be compared to hemp. Cannabidiol has no psychoactive effect and is not harmful to health. There are no side effects.

The WHO even claims that CBD can have a positive effect on health. Cannabidiol therefore has a potentially therapeutic effect. However, more research needs to be done in this regard.

How do the consumer center and Stiftung Warentest rate CBD oil?

According to the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety, CBD-containing products are not approved as food. In addition, clinical claims are prohibited when advertising CBD dietary supplements.

Stiftung Warentest also stated that there is still too little research to be able to make a specific statement about the health-promoting effects of CBD oils.

As side effects such as diarrhea, loss of appetite, and drowsiness can also occur, as well as drug interactions, it is generally recommended that you only take CBD oils after consulting your doctor.

Is CBD oil legal in Germany?

The approval of CBD as a food is currently under discussion. The sale is legally processed in Germany. On March 22, 2022, the Cologne Administrative Court classified CBD drops as medicinal products. Permission must be applied for. The verdict is not final yet.

To avoid falling under the Narcotics Act, CBD oils may contain up to 0.2% THC. If the THC level is exceeded, delayed reactions and psychoactive effects may occur. To avoid these problems, all CBD oils are tested for their THC content.

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