E-mobility: Compleo offers a payment module in accordance with the regulations of the charging station: Gazeta dla communal


The legislator provides for a uniform system of charges for ad hoc charging at public charging stations, which will apply to new installations from 1 July 2023. To meet ALB requirements, the charging station must have strong customer authentication or PIN code entry.

The guidelines are designed to reduce fraud and increase the security of online or contactless offline payments. Without entering a PIN, payments may be rejected if, for example, too many contactless payment transactions have been made or certain maximum amounts have been reached.

PIN Pad guarantees both the security of payment transactions and maximum availability when using contactless payment methods. However, the card terminal does not have to be integrated with every charging station on site. A central terminal for several columns is also allowed, for example in a charging park.

User-friendly payment method

According to Compleo, it integrates the new module with its charging stations and provides familiar handling with PIN pads in payment terminals. This guarantees users easy access to the charging station.

The module is also equipped with a high-resolution color display and a stainless steel keypad that is protected against vandalism. The module corresponds to the guidelines of the Girocard system for mobile payments and for Girocard, credit and debit cards.

Growing demand: benefits for operators and users

Compleo launches the DUO IMS model as the first product with a new payment module. DUO IMS is currently particularly sought after by energy suppliers and utility companies and is supplied in large quantities.

Berliner Stadtwerke GmbH recently opted for Compleo solutions, the supplier said. Within two years, the Berlin energy supplier will purchase a large number of such charging stations.

According to Compleo, they are increasingly being asked for by municipal utilities in large cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. The advantage of this line: The DUO IMS charging station can be connected directly to the public grid without a sub-distribution and is therefore intended for use in public spaces.

DUO IMS with an integrated payment module is currently undergoing the verification of compliance with the calibration law. As soon as the test is due to end in July 2022, municipal operators or charging point operators and customers will benefit twice from the product innovation.

Payment module for future integration at DC stations

After DUO IMS, DC charging stations of the Compleo Cito series will also be expanded during the year with the use of an innovative system. That is why Compleo intends to offer these products long before the entry into force of the ALB.

“To make fast EV charging attractive and convenient, at Compleo we are consistently working on the further development of our charging stations and software,” says Alfred Vrieling, Vice President Sales and Marketing Europe for Compleo, describing the current development. .

“We are open to technology and, above all, we take into account the requirements and wishes of users and operators: ad hoc payments and roaming.” Compleo continues to follow an open technology approach and supports all market-relevant authorization and payment methods for charging infrastructure.

Activation of up to eight charging stations via an external terminal

In the Compleo PRO and PRO plus series, it was already possible to connect an external X-PAY payment terminal to service public charging stations. It enables the activation of up to eight charging stations from a central point. However, this requires additional external mounting. This terminal is freestanding and does not include an integrated pin pad. The payment is contactless.

According to Compleo, utilities and other charging infrastructure operators can combine the new integrated payment module completely independently of the specific IT background. It is not a single item: Calibration compliance and the online receipt for the e-car driver are retained in this open implementation.

The new technology will be presented at this year’s E-World in Essen from June 21, 2022 to June 23, 2022. Those interested can find a Compleo in hall 5, stand 5-3238. A team of experts and sales will be happy to advise you on site. (sg)

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