End the season with fun and variety

The last units are there to make the season a happy note. A good mood is therefore essential during training. Lots of games and small competitions are the key to success here. If the entity is structured according to this principle, various focal points can also be included in the process. Thus, no purely fun training is required. Rather, it is about combining entertainment value with desired content. Current online training units show what this can look like.

The Ü20 teams are working on the perfect moment to pass for defense. In this unit, zones with the greatest number of hits are statistically marked – eight meters centrally in front of the goals. Youth team A, on the other hand, focuses on making a quick change and creating chances to score in a targeted manner. Youth B is primarily a creative training competition that should ensure a good mood at the end of the season. C-Juniors also resort to short-term play, but focus on the shot on goal. In addition to improving technical skills, players also improve individual tactical behavior.

Motivating competitions and games are on the youth program E and D, which provides a lot of action and movement. While D-youth teams compete in various dribbling competitions, e-youth teams will enjoy a full soccer Olympics! Across a variety of disciplines, players * focus on bronze, silver, and gold! F-Youth teams can shoot from all positions. In exciting shooting competitions, children gain a great sense of achievement. The youngest go on an exciting journey again: they fly to Madagascar and see many animals!

The new units at a glance:

over 20:
The right time for a return pass is decisive for the successful completion of a goal. Attackers in the center must recognize when they can start a pass from behind in order to get the necessary “tick” on the ball in front of their opponents.
Here is the current training session

In this training unit, quick transitions after capturing the ball and teamwork in the offensive are discussed. Easily organized shooting competitions between different game types provide fun and motivation for players.
Here is the current training session

Juniors B:
Today’s training session focuses on easy-to-organize Shooting Relays. If the coach manages to gather balanced teams, a very exciting and intense training session is guaranteed.
Here is the current training session

Juniors C:
This training unit smoothly continues the previous presentation and shows the further possibilities of a creative shooting competition. This time, however, the forms of training are equipped with pressure from the opponent to add a game-related element.
Here is the current training session

Juniors D:
If the last training of the season was fun, the players are excited to meet again in their first practice. To make it successful, this practice session includes lots of fun dribbling competitions.
Here is the current training session

Football Olympics will be held in this training session! Players compete for medals in a variety of disciplines such as dribbling, passing, and scoring.
Here is the current training session

F class juniors:
Shooting competitions have many advantages. They motivate children to constantly look for the end of the goal, to shoot the goal quickly and precisely with both legs. The use of 2 large goals reduces the waiting time and increases the number of shots on goal.
Here is the current training session

Bambini * e:
A Bambini should have many different movement experiences, such as running, jumping, crawling or crawling. They get to know the capabilities of their body and improve their running and movement skills, which later makes it easier for them to learn football-specific techniques. Movement tasks can be combined with motivating small professions.
Here is the current playing time.

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