Joy is the leitmotif of concerts in the city of Kleve

Joy is the leitmotif of the concerts

The city of Kleve presents two programs for a series of concerts and special concerts for the coming season. The new seasonal program is ready to be taken out and there are subscriptions again.

The “Nyckelharpa” is an instrument from the Middle Ages. A type of lyre played with a bow and a special keyboard. For her friends, she is a beauty made of wood with a unique sound. This is especially true of Swedes, where the instrument has survived for centuries and is part of traditional Swedish folklore. Here the beauty has a very blasphemous name: “Violin on a key”: And this is part of the new concert program in Kleve. Not with Swedish folklore: in spring, Chant de Grillons enters the “intoxication of nature” with the hurdy-gurdy and nyckelharp – and Vivaldi’s Follia Variations also play on the nyckelhapra with recorder, hurdy-gurdy, keyboard violin and basso continuo.

“Even if there probably won’t be a completely carefree new start in September, the concerts are and will remain happy places to live together,” advertises Sigrun Hintzen with the new concert program in the city of Kleve, which she has prepared and is now available at the famous ticket offices. Hintzen recommends the foldable Leporello, which is perfect for pin boards at home. Famous translators and young artists promise exciting musical encounters. According to Hintzen, the center of both concert series is live chamber music with its spontaneous communication between the musicians and the audience. “The invited best musicians create musical pieces according to their own ideas with a keen eye for our time, allow for a new experience of what is known, and also bring surprises. All you need to do is find time for this intense listening space, buy a ticket, and even better a subscription. Where else can you find eight great concerts for only € 120? ”He advertises his program

The concert series will be opened by the violinist Franziska Hölscher and the Armenian pianist Marianna Shirinyan, announces Hintzen. With Mark Schmolling and his band in madrigals and jazz improvisations, the Croatian Ruhr strives for the multi-faceted “sound of silence”. Dorothee Oberlinger breathes in time with L’arte de Mondo and Anna Potengowski’s Stone Age flutes in Eternal Breath. Oboist Juri Vallentin and the Trio d’Iroise reject the well-known “head full of blood and wounds” through the musical tongues of the ages, while Bach’s neo-baroque “Musical Sacrifice” reflects the past into the present.

In the spring, Chant de Grillons with hurdy-gurdy and nyckelharps enter the “intoxication of nature”. “And Lena Neudauer throws Schubert’s trout into fresh water with her quintet colleagues for the WDR microphones,” invites Hintzen to the next concert. The Boulanger Trio finally opens the door to the classroom of its namesake Nadia Boulanger and her distinguished composition students, including Astor Piazzolla and Quincy Jones.

And even what appeared to be a victim of Corona, the musicologist managed to bring back to the city. And with an exclamation: “Four concert projects were already on the program a year or two ago and we booked them again because we want to hear them despite the cancellations!” But: Old Corona seating plan tickets at that time must be exchanged for new tickets.

So the “Special Series” remains: Ludger Kazmierczak will accompany Ella Lichtenberger’s “Sleeping Beauty” as the narrator of Junge Blechbäser NRW. “The young musicians of the Ensemble Crush and Trio Klangpektrum are confident in presenting current music at the Kurhaus,” says Hintzen. For me, the special series is the “little sister” of the concert series, which also offers something other than the regular track. – At museum concerts, we also combine guitar and cello or marimba and piano in unusual duo formations – he says. Max Volbers and David Bergmüller have a recorder and a lute. They bring their own energetic improvisations between traditional works.

“I look forward to every concert and joy is the leitmotif of our concert series,” says Sigrun Hintzen. And even with the formalities, Corona seems to be overcome: “Subscriptions finally securing your favorite spot again at a bargain price. Old and new subscribers now have priority, and sales of individual tickets will start at the end of July, says Hintzen. Prices have remained stable this season. Next season funding will also come from North Rhine-Westphalia and the German Music Council, important project partners are the Kultursekretariat NRW, Muziekbiennale Niederrhein and WDR.

Concert programs are available and will be sent to you, subscriptions are available from Stephan Derks and Rabei Loffeld in the culture department, tickets are available at all Reservix advance booking offices. Information about the individual concerts is also available at If you want to be regularly informed about concert dates, subscribe to the Sigrun Hintzen newsletter at

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