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Gillette Venus #shameless © Gillette Venus

Gillette Venus and Satin Care launches the first line of vulval shaving products.

Schwalbach am Taunus (ots)

With a razor and three elegant-looking care products, Gillette Venus takes our hearts and vulva by storm. At the same time, the brand is launching a bold campaign under the slogan #shamefree. With prominent followers, Gillette Venus calls for an open approach to the taboo subject of intimate shaving.

The vulva area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and deserves its own care. In fact, almost every woman has had negative experiences with intimate shaving: itchy or red skin, razor bumps, or ingrown hairs have apparently always been part of a previous shaving routine. There are several reasons for skin irritation: On the one hand, the skin around the vulva is thinner and more sensitive than, for example, on the leg. Second, the hair is “more complicated” because it is thick and frizzy. The new line of Gillette Venus and Satin intimate shaving products is specially formulated to blend thin skin and thick hair, and includes products to prepare, care for and shave the vulva – whether it’s hairy, hairless or styled there. Skin irritation and ingrown hair are a thing of the past.

Perfectly matched

The new Gillette Venus and Satin Care range completes our bathroom cosmetics with a razor and three care products specifically designed for shaving the vulva:

  • Step 1: A gentle smoothing scrub helps you prepare for shaving. It smoothes the skin and prevents the ingrowth of hairs.
  • Step 2: 2-in-1 clear shaving and cleaning gel gives you a clear view while shaving, protects the skin and allows the blades to slide easily. It can also be used to clean the outside of the vulva on a daily basis. Protect while shaving razor and Sound skin in the vulva area from irritation: a patented skin protection element relieves pressure, tightens the skin and slightly lifts the blades to minimize contact with sensitive skin. The ergonomically shaped handle provides even more control thanks to the non-slip, soft-touch surface. Sophisticated Function: The razor has an integrated precision trimmer on the back of the razor head giving women the perfect tool to precisely contour and style intimate hair in no time.
  • Step 3: The soothing serum is used for after-shave care: it moisturizes the skin and makes it smooth and supple. The serum perfectly prepares the skin for the next shave.

All skincare products in the new Gillette Venus and Satin Care lines have been dermatologically and gynecologically tested and have a balanced pH, which means that they correspond to the pH values ​​of the skin. They come without dyes and fragrances.

#bezwstyd: Campaign for more openness

Gillette Venus wants to not only break the intimate shave out of its taboo zone and free it from shame, but also completely – literally “with skin and hair” – free from shame. This includes talking about the vulva area without bias or guilt. The fact that this topic is associated with great shame can already be seen in our language: we are talking about the pubic area, pubic hair, pubic bone … and we are really ashamed until our cheeks glow! Since it helps women in particular to use anatomically correct terms and not to speak directly of “under” or “in the crotch,” Gillette Venus is launching a campaign to get rid of shame: #shameless urges the brand not to be ashamed of her own body, but to be proud of it. One of them is the term vulva – and it is by no means a curse or vulgar expression.

Strong personalities set an example

Supported by partners who are already boldly committed to the same cause, Gillette Venus wants to motivate everyone to be #shameless and openly talk about their own wonderful body. The spokesman of the #shamefree movement is Angelina Kirsch, a model with curves and already an ambassador of the brand “My Skin. My Way. ” by Gillette Venus. At the same time, influencers such as founder Diana zur Löwen, model and activist Toni Dreher and podcaster Svenja Spengler ensure that #shamefree is also received on social media. As an expert gynecologist, Dr. Sheila de Liz’s medical professional for an open approach to taboos such as the vulva area. The campaign will start on April 26, 2022 at the Supercandy Museum in Cologne. In the exclusive #shamefree room, visitors to the popular Instagram museum can then pull out their cell phones and create themed content.

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