The court has doubts about the climate trial against Mercedes-Benz | Free press

Environmentalists are taking Mercedes-Benz to court. They want to force the car manufacturer to stop producing internal combustion engines. But it’s probably not that simple.


The Stuttgart District Court has reacted with skepticism to a climate lawsuit brought by German environmental aid against Mercedes-Benz. Judge Bernd Rzymann said the lawsuit was admissible, but the committee saw considerable problems.

It is the legislator’s job to determine when which vehicles can be produced. 17. The Civil Chamber wants to announce on September 13 how the proceedings will be conducted – it is possible, inter alia, adjudication or referral to the European Court of Justice.

Environmentalists call for a climate-friendly reconstruction of the car manufacturer. They particularly care about reducing carbon dioxide emissions in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement and the German Act on Climate Protection. Among other things, from November 2030, Mercedes should no longer be able to sell conventional combustion engines that emit greenhouse gases.

Demand for a quick court decision

DUH lawyer Remo Klinger said greenhouse gas emissions cannot be recovered. Therefore, the court must decide today. Environmentalists believe that their personal rights have been violated. The court alleged that today it cannot be determined. It is difficult to provide individual protection.

Mercedes-Benz lawyer Markus Rieder argued that the company is already doing more than required by law. A spokeswoman upfront emphasized that the company wanted to become fully electric by the end of this decade, if market conditions allowed it. The CO2 footprint per car should therefore be cut by more than half by 2030 compared to 2020.

After the hearing, the spokeswoman said: “We are glad that the district court shares the important arguments of our legal opinion.” DUH Federal Managing Director Jürgen Resch spoke of “an encouraging start to the process”.

According to its own statements, the DUH, in addition to Mercedes, is also suing BMW and the energy company Wintershall Dea. Last year, DUH, along with Greenpeace, launched the first corporate action following the climate decision of the Federal Constitutional Court. In civil proceedings before the DUH, the hearing before the Stuttgart court is now the first instance in the first instance. Environmentalists made it clear on Tuesday that they plan to review the cases. (dpa)

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