The most important milestones in his life

Prince William was born on June 21, 1982 as the firstborn son of Prince Charles (73) and Lady Diana († 1997). Today, the future king of England is celebrating his 40th birthday. In the movie, we look back at the milestones of his life so far. A royal ride on the thrill train!

A new coin in honor of Prince William

Much has been written about William’s life since his birth. Some current phrases come from Mrs. Clare Maclennan: William “grew up to be an elder in the royal family, a devoted husband, and a loving father of three.” Mrs. Maclennan is the director of the Royal Mint, the Royal Mint of Great Britain. With warm words, she presented a truly royal gift: a new five-pound coin (5.90 euro) for the 40th birthday of the second heir to the English throne.

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The coin depicts William, whose “maturity and grace” Mrs. Maclennan raves about, a half-profile, with “40” on the left, “W” (for William) on the right and “His Duke of Cambridge” (His Royal Highness) on the margin of the Duke of Cambridge) . As with all British coins, the reverse shows the profile of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (96). This makes William the only living human in the Western Hemisphere whose 40 is immortalized in regular currency. What other prince can say that about himself?

His life path was always planned

Prince William’s future is practically determined from birth: William will become king after his father, Prince Charles. It will take a few more years, but William won’t be able to escape even if he wanted to.

His future is fundamentally different from that of other forty-year-olds: where other men of this age try to make their lives according to their imaginations or dreams, fate as the firstborn heir takes over the role of planning his life. From his birth, the road to the throne was mapped out step by step. Deviations are out of the question, the unforeseen is not planned: the prince remains on the right track. Of course, there are also unplanned events in his life, and they all have something fatal about them.

His serious childhood accident is still with him

Shortly before his ninth birthday, William was seriously injured on a golf course when a child was hit in the head with a classmate’s club. The prince had a fractured skull, later said, “We were in a green field when an iron appeared out of nowhere and hit me.” A forehead fracture was corrected during the operation. To this day, the scar above the left eye reminds us of an incident that could have ended worse. “I call it my Harry Potter scar because it shines sometimes and people notice it,” says William, who eventually became a tolerable golfer.

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The early death of his mother Lady Diana

A great drama occurred on August 31, 1997. His mother, Princess Diana (1961-1997) had an accident. England and the world were shocked by the death of the Queen of Hearts. At a funeral procession in London, 2.5 billion people worldwide watched TV screens as William, 15, and his two-year-old brother Prince Harry, 37, followed their mother’s coffin. In 2017, on the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, William spoke about the tragedy publicly for the first time. In the documentary, he said, “When you are very young and you have to experience such a loss – almost always, but especially at a young age – then you feel pain like no other.” Then the audience heard a sentence never before heard from a royal: “We are not robots.”

“This is a very sad club that you don’t want to be a member of,” said William of the pictures of him and his brother, close-ups of their heads bowed down to keep the audience from shedding a single tear. “All I know is that I hid behind my bangs.”

He talked about depression that “closed” his feelings for 20 years. “I stuck my head in the sand, not wanting to even think about my mother’s death. Why would that help? It would only make me sad anyway. Feelings should play no role.

Prince Philip was his mainstay

The death of his beloved grandfather, Prince Philip (1921-2021), also hit William hard, though the event was to be expected. The queen’s husband was always there for the problems and concerns of his grandchildren and looked after them, especially after the mother’s death.

The often-cited dispute with his brother, Prince Harry, should also be attributed to William. Both are said to have passed the role of Harry’s wife, Princess Meghan (40). However, the Royal Watchers are confident that William will settle the dispute.

Besides, the tall William (1.91 m) is a favorite of the British audience. Favorites of the Empire. He graduated from school and studies (first art history, then geography) without incident. He completed his military service in 2013 after seven years as a helicopter pilot with the rank of air lieutenant (equivalent to the German officer rank of Hauptmann). Notable Incidents: He landed a giant Chinook helicopter in the backyard of his fiancée Kate Middleton. A former soldier praised William for the green clover. The Prince, who was briefly referred to in the army as William Wales (from the title of his father’s Prince of Wales), is a great companion and keeps his feet on the ground.

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Princess Kate and he are considered a dream couple

Even in choosing his wife, the prince did nothing wrong. William and Duchess Kate, six months older than them, have become an international hallmark of perfect elegance, sympathetic openness and natural nobility. They didn’t even do much for it, in fact they refrained from all that was and is typical of most marriages in the Windsor house. No scandals, no romance. Their three children George (8), Charlotte (7) and Louis (4) grow up as naturally as possible. “I want George to grow up in a real, living environment, not behind palace walls. It has to be there, ”said William years ago. The same goes for his siblings.

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So this summer the family moves from Kensington Palace in London to the much more modest Adelaide Cottage in Windsor in the countryside. Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth has retired, is just a few minutes’ walk from her grandson.

Prince William knows life there. Not only parades, parties, state banquets, but also vices – and death. He saw people in need quite often with his rescue helicopter and learned to “share moments of extreme emotions, from the relief that we gave someone a chance to fight, to the deep sadness.” It was then that he felt what life had to do before him.

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