The organizers of the “White Dinner” must react

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FROM: Carl Christian Eick


The third “White Dinner” on the old raft in Wolfratshausen will now take place on Saturday, July 2 at 19.00. © Hans Lippert

The weather worries the organizers: the “White Dinner” in Wolfratshausen has to be postponed.

Wolfratshausen – The “White dinner” scheduled for next Saturday at the old raft landing site has been postponed. Due to the weather forecast, “we have to bite the bullet,” says Ernst Gröbmair, president of the Lebendige Altstadt Wolfratshausen association (LAW), which is organizing the event together with the advertising group of the commercial city Wolfratshausen. “The danger of a sudden storm is great, safety first.” Now, the evening in white takes place on Saturday, July 2. The framework conditions remain unchanged, all details are available on the Internet (

Storm alarm: The organizers of the “White Dinner” in Wolfratshausen must react

No harm without benefit: According to Gröbmair, there are still ten tables available for six to a maximum of eight people for an alternative date. They can be booked by sending an email to whitedinner @ werbekreis-wolfratshausen. de – but only complete tables, emphasizes the President of LAW. The event starts at 7.00 p.m., according to the organizers, there is no other alternative date. Gröbmair recommends sturdy shoes and asks for white clothes and white table decorations. “Please do not use plastic or cardboard dishes” as rubbish cannot be thrown at the old raft landing site. Participation in the “White Dinner” is free. (dw)

(Our report on June 2) On the evening of June 25, 65 tables will be set up on the old raft platform: for the third time, the advertising group of the commercial city of Wolfratshausen and the association for the lively old town of Wolfratshausen (LAW) invite you to “Dinner en Blanc”, dinner in white. Applications will be accepted by e-mail from Friday, June 3, from Friends of the “White Dinner” know: Seats on the idyllic Loisach shore overlooking the old town and the mountain forest are in high demand.

Everything in white at Loisachufer in Wolfratshausen: This is how you register

After the premiere in 2018, the mood in 2019 for the advertising circle and LAW was spoiled by a storm, and in 2020 the appetite of the organizers was spoiled by the coronavirus. The White Dinner could not be celebrated again until 2021, although an alternative date had to be found due to the new strange weather. So now Wolfratshauser and the interested parties in the region can throw themselves into the white bowl for the third time. They expect “light, music and a joyful atmosphere,” says LAW CEO Ernst Gröbmair cheerfully. The procedure has not changed: everyone takes care of the table decorations (white if possible), dishes, food and drinks. Very important: “Please don’t use plastic or cardboard dishes,” says Gröbmair. Based on experience, she recommends solid shoes and urges visitors to “please take the rubbish home with you”.

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“White Dinner”: Participation is free

Anyone with a kith and relatives can attend, you must reserve the entire table for six to a maximum of eight people. Participation is free, according to Gröbmair, 65 tables will be allocated in the order in which registrations are accepted. “If you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail a few days later,” says the president of the LAW. While there are no mandatory corona protection measures, organizers recommend that a medical face mask be worn “while walking” after the old raft landing. Gröbmair: “No contact details are collected on site.”

Table reservations can only be made by e-mail

Reservations can only be made by sending an e-mail to Please provide your full name and telephone number. The advertising circle and the LAW ask you to “write only one e-mail per table”. The “White Dinner” starts at 19:00 and ends at 23:00 to the accompaniment of music. In case of bad weather, the outdoor event will be postponed to Saturday, July 2. (dw)

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