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The index lost only 3.9 percent. since the beginning of the year, and in April it even reached its all-time high. Thanks to this developed Global Antiviral Health Index much stronger than the large number of strategy and topic indexes in the current year. FROM Global Antivirus Protection Net Payback Rate includes 20 international companies that use their products or services to contain infectious viral diseases.

Over the past few months, most countries have considerably reduced the restrictions related to the crown, and the course of the latest crown variants has been classified as less severe by experts. However, the Omikron BA.4 and BA.5 variants are currently being distributed in Europe. The number of infections in Germany has increased significantly in recent times. The 7-day incidence in Germany is 458.5 (as of June 21, 2022). A new wave of Corona in the fall cannot be ruled out. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is already working on possible measures this fall.

They are only 120-160 nanometers in size, often rounded in shape with club-shaped extensions that resemble the sun’s corona. In an electron microscope image, they actually appear relatively harmless, yet the coronavirus has kept the entire planet tense for more than two years. Despite the development of some vaccines in record time, the pandemic is still far from over. FROM Global Antivirus Protection Net Payback Rate includes manufacturers of hygiene products as well as manufacturers of medical devices for treatment, as well as developers or manufacturers of vaccines, drugs or tests for viruses or antibodies. The index currently includes AstraZeneca, Beiersdorf, Danaher, Pfizer and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Pfizer developed the first Covid-19 vaccine with BioNTech. At the beginning of the year, the anti-coronary tablet from Pfizer Paxlovid was approved in Europe. AstraZeneca recently announced the good results of research on the crown drug Evusheld. While masks are no longer mandatory in many places, test kits, disinfectants and crown masks will remain important protective equipment for the time being.

In any case, many scientists assume that this will not be the last pandemic. The challenges of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are therefore likely to continue. Thanks to BioNTech, the German pharmaceutical company, together with the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, managed to obtain approval for the first vaccine. This shows that the biotechnology sector has long been an important factor in the fight against disease. FROM European Biotechnology Index (net return) covers 30 of the largest biotechnology companies from the EU and the UK. They not only declare war on the virus, but also develop drugs for cancer, malaria and a large number of rare diseases.

The index certificate reflects the development of the index. If the index rises, the index certificate also gains. Net dividends are included in the index calculation. However, a weak overall market or significant consolidation of some index members may put pressure on the index.

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