Breakup via WhatsApp: If so, please respectfully

It is seen as the most disrespectful consequence of digitization: Breakup via WhatsApp. It’s too easy to type and send the meager reasons for ending a relationship on your smartphone. How your partner may feel about it and what responsibility comes with a breakup is forgotten too quickly. Therefore, remember that a personal interview is always the better option.

Break up via WhatsApp: There is no such thing as “this is how it works.”

Nevertheless, there may be times when you need to use the messenger for certain reasons when you are parting ways, such as if your future ex-partner absolutely refuses to talk to you. You will find your arguments anyway.

Once you’ve decided that you want to break up via WhatsApp, in addition to the emotional reasons for your decision, you should be aware of the signals you’ll send with your chat message and what you can probably expect:

  • You run away from talking face to face, even if it shouldn’t be through a messenger.
  • Even if your partner does the same because they won’t talk to them, they will most likely feel humiliated.
  • You both will feel hurt, but of course it will when you break up, most of the time.
  • You are more likely to put off the emotional drama that you tried to avoid by sending a chat message. If your partner isn’t completely soulless, sooner or later the topic will likely come up again. You may “need” to talk about it in person.
  • So be prepared that your message is not enough. You will have to explain yourself until your partner understands your decision.

There is no perfect way to end a relationship. If you’ve decided that breaking up via WhatsApp is the only way for you, you should at least make sure it’s done respectfully.

Our tips for a respectful ending via WhatsApp

Think carefully about what you want to write before the key message. Here are some tips to show respect for your future relationship. After all, there was a time when you wanted to be with that person.

  1. Don’t bring standard sentences. Therefore, we will not provide you with any text at this point. Consider your arguments for the break-up and make them clear.
  2. Don’t be harsh in your choice of words, it won’t help either of you.
  3. Wines are taboo. Accusations like “You never loved me / you didn’t understand / you didn’t treat me well / you didn’t respect me” only lead to useless excuses. After all, you’ve already made up your mind. It only hurts the other person.
  4. Convert blame into emotional expression: “I’ve never felt loved / understood / treated / respected in a relationship” is better than blaming.
  5. Stay consistent in your decision, even if your partner probably wants to change their mind. Always remember your motives.
  6. To make it clear what you mean, you can also format WhatsApp text:

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There is much to be discussed as to whether the messenger is the appropriate medium for communicating the desire for separation or not. In any case, no one should use WhatsApp to break up with cowardice. But sometimes there is no other option. Then you should at least be aware of what you are calling up in the text message. Either way: Always give your partner the opportunity to react to your decision.

Thank goodness, communicating on WhatsApp doesn’t always mean breaking up. For example, you can update your status with these funny WhatsApp sayings. It’s also very easy to create WhatsApp GIFs. If you want even more, these WhatsApp tricks will turn you into a Messenger pro.

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