Local Information AG: Erlenbach: All transactions approved

At the community meeting in Erlenbach in the Reformed Church, four transactions were unanimously approved: the annual accounts of the joint grammar school in Erlenbach-Herrliberg, the accounts of the political community, the modernization of the Mariahalden complex and the partial renovation of the fire station.

The community meeting in Erlenbach, chaired by outgoing commune president Sascha Patak (FDP) in the Reformed Church, was completed in a very short time. All four transactions were approved unanimously. The 132 people present almost asked no questions, so there was no discussion. The meeting ended with a farewell to departing officials.

Annual settlements 2021

The annual financial statements of the joint grammar school in Erlenbach-Herrliberg for 2021 have an expenditure of 4,142,456 francs and an income of 126,781 francs, Mayor Sascha Patak explained. The expenditure surplus of 4,015,674 francs is borne by Erlenbach with a share of 1,851,226 francs (46.1 percent). Annual reports were unanimously approved by the city council.

The annual financial statements of the political commune of Erlenbach for 2021 close with an expenditure of 80,585,463 francs and an income of 82,398,308 francs, i.e. a surplus of 1,812,845 francs. This surplus is around 1.6 million less than budgeted. “The sale of three properties, which was not approved by the AGM, led to worse results,” said city councilor and chief financial officer Jens Menzi (independent).

On the expense side, the additional expenses are almost entirely due to the negative revaluation of Erlibacherhof. “Due to higher tax revenues, there is still a revenue surplus of around 1.8 million francs,” said Menzi. Fiscal equalization remains the largest expenditure item (45 percent). All those present approved the annual accounts of the political community of Erlenbach.

Mariahalden and the fire department

The canton plans to build an approximately 100 meter long path along the lake shore on its estate in the Mariahalden area. In addition, the public swimming pool in Mariahalden will be completely redesigned. The breakwater and the parking area will be renovated. This is to modernize the entire existing facility in terms of recreation and nature protection. Guangzhou plans to renovate the facility from August 2022. It should be ready for the 2023 bathing season. The facility cannot be used during construction works. “The municipality of Erlenbach is planning at its own expense an additional modernization of the facility according to the cantonal design: wooden walkway, fountain, seating and toilets / showers,” explained Patak. The total costs in the municipality of Erlenbach will be CHF 595,000. Those present also agreed to this transaction.

The fire brigade building on Schulhausstrasse is to be partially renovated. Therefore, the commune council asked the commune assembly to approve a partial renovation and partial adaptation of the fire station building. The gross real estate loan of CHF 510,000 with a cost accuracy of plus / minus 10 percent was unanimously approved by those present. From today’s perspective, the approximately 80-year-old building has organizational and technical deficiencies.

Some renovations and fixes are urgent, according to property manager Peter Keller. However, they realize that this is a temporary renovation, because not all defects can be repaired. “A new building cannot be built in a reasonable time,” remarked Keller. Partial refurbishment allows time to plan and build the necessary replacement building. This includes, inter alia, adaptation of the sewage system, electrical installations, heating and installation of a shower and a changing room for women.

Farewell to those who departed

At the end of the meeting of the commune, the departing members of the authorities said goodbye with a bouquet of flowers: Christine Hotz Steinemann, Silvano Matthaei, Erika Brandenberger, Beata Steiner, Jürg Honegger and Axel König.

In addition, they said goodbye to city councilors: Philip Weckherlin, Peter Keller, Jens Menzi, Lotti Grubenmann and Sascha Patak standing ovation.

This was followed by a toast with an open-air aperitif at Erlibacherhof.

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