For Skeraj the end of ATSV Erlangen, the successor is ready – Erlangen

– ATSV Erlangen has split from coach Shqipran Skeraj – after five years together. The decision was not easy for everyone involved. A successor has already been found – and has a past at 1. FC Nürnberg.

True friendships in soccer are rare and usually bring you problems. Since the paths always diverge at some point, that’s the way of the business. Separating yourself from a friend is even more difficult. Jörg Markert decided to do it anyway, but not out of spontaneous desire. The fact that Shqipran Skeraj is no longer the Bayernliga coach has been a long, amicable process.

“We have a very good relationship,” says Jörg Markert, head of football at ATSV Erlangen. Chipo, as Shqipran Skeraj is called by everyone at the club, moved with Markert from SC Eltersdorf to Paul-Gossen-Straße for the 2014/15 season, where he later gained his first coach experience there. Together, we moved from the district league to the Bavarian league. Former second-tier pro Greuther Fürth and Kosovo international led ATSV for five years. It’s been a long time in football.

New management of the Bayernliga team at ATSV Erlangen: coach Fabian Adelmann (left) and his assistant Karim Farhan (right) with department manager Jörg Markert.

© ATSV Erlangen

“We talked at the beginning of the year that it was time for the boys to give a new speech,” says Markert. I adjusted some “wear”. “It was a difficult situation for both of us,” says Skeraj. Impuls also came from him: “I was looking for an explanatory conversation because I wanted to leave the club.” He lived for the club for many years and gave up many things. “The effort was great.” Skeraj wanted to spend more time with his family: “I have two young children who also need Dad’s attention.”

Jörg Markert understood that, but the coach couldn’t just get away. “We were looking for a replacement,” but we didn’t find him that quickly. So the 35-year-old stayed, even for the new season 2021/22. “I talked about it with my wife and supported Jörg,” says Skeraj. As always. Many new players joined the team, which also gave the coach new motivation. However, from Monday it became clear that this was the end.

“It was still getting harder,” says Markert. On Friday evening, in the 4-1 draw against ASV Neumarkt, it was evident that the team was not doing everything the coach said. – There is not enough going on on the pitch – says the head of the department, but at the same time emphasizes: – Chipo is an outstanding coach. It was a difficult and emotional decision because it is not a change of coach because we played badly. Erlangen is currently in eighth place in the Bavarian league, 14 points from nine matches are fine for a team that still has to make up for it.

This job is now being done by someone else. Together with Fabian Adelmann, ASTV has now found “the solution it wanted,” says Markert. Until the end of June, the 29-year-old was the U19 coach at 1. FC Nürnberg, meanwhile also interim coach for the regional league and assistant to Michael Köllner with the pros. “He’s a young, talented trainer with a good basic education who still wants to achieve something,” says Markert. Born in Lauf an der Pegnitz, Adelmann is set to give Bayern League players a “new contribution”, but now also has time to “settle the matter and stabilize the team”. The new A-licensed coach will not change anything for the season “play on the top”.

He is assisted by Karim Farhan, former SV Tennenlohe coach who also worked at the youth academy of 1. FCN and Kleeblatt. The two were already there on Friday against Neumarkt and had their first team on Tuesday. The league game against FC Eintracht Bamberg will take place on Saturday (14:00).

Shqipran Skeraj will no longer stand aside then. “On the second day after the decision, I am obviously sad to leave such a team,” he says. “But coaches come and go. I owe a lot to ATSV. ” Conversely, it is also the case that the former professional “got the club to where it is now”. Perhaps Skeraj will come back, train the youth team or take over other duties. “First of all, I will do coaching training and try to enjoy my time with my family,” he says, but also promises to watch one or another soccer match live. Just to meet good friends.

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