The cloud is not over yet!

Virtual Cloud Computing conference – CCX II / 22 The cloud is not over yet!

May 4th is “CCX” time again! We invite you to our Cloud Computing conference to follow speeches and presentations from leading IT and cloud experts on current events in the cloud sector. Despite the virtual format, there will also be many opportunities for personal exchange and networking.

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CloudComputing-Insider is a co-organizer of the virtual CCX II / 22 Cloud Computing conference.

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What’s next for cloud computing?

This question is easy to answer: The cloud is undoubtedly the future of IT. Your users appreciate ad hoc scalability, cost benefits, and application upgrades.

Many IT organizations are now implementing a cloud-first strategy where applications and use cases that can be designed in the public cloud are also deployed in the cloud. IT decision makers and partners are therefore intensely involved in designing IT architectures and applications to meet the requirements of mainly hybrid cloud scenarios.

Core topics to consider are (multi) cloud management, automation, containerization, serverless design, edge computing, cost optimization, disaster recovery, and evergreen cloud security.

In the wake of the crown pandemic, most companies are undergoing projects to digitize the transformation of business processes Number one on the IT priority list shifted.

We provide answers to the most important questions!

It is indisputable that cloud computing preferably with the right strategy it works. But not without the desire to change IT processes and the way companies think.

We will deliver to the virtual CCX II / 22 Cloud Computing conference on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, which is organized by Vogel IT Academy together with cloud computing insiders First-hand expert knowledge and highlight the challenges of cloud computing for businesses.

As keynote speaker, Vogel IT Academy Dr. Andrzej Nauerz (Bosch.IO GmbH), Mateusz Pfützner (Red hat), Dr. Thomas Eisenbarth (makandra) i Yves Sandfort (division) wins.

In two parallel tracks In lectures and live demonstrations, our experts talk about cloud automation, security, cloud deployment models and any obstacles, cloud storage strategies and the new challenge of the digital workplace.

You can learn more about the content and the exact procedure in agenda.

Get involved!

In addition to seamlessly switching between the two paths, our CCX interactive conferencing platform also allows all attendees to connect with our cloud experts via chat or video calling. Virtual exhibition space and the legendary “Fantastic Cloud Carousel“I invite you to a nice exchange with other participants and speakers.

IN “CCX panel discussion“On” Fast Food or the Perfect Dinner? – The Components of an Effective Cloud Strategy ”you can also happily participate.

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For CloudComputing-Insider readers who are responsible for tasks and cloud projects in a company, office or IT partner, participation in CCX II / 22 is free!

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