Trash TV puts an end to Bastian Yotta

“Celebrities Under the Palm Trees” may have been Bastian Yotta’s last junk TV format in Germany. Sat 1 / Richard Hübner

This challenge was his last in front of a larger audience. The fact that he won was just a minor matter for many viewers anyway. The victory in Sat.1 “Celebrities under the palm trees” marks the end of Bastian Yotta’s television career. The big private broadcasters RTL and Sat.1 withdrew their support for the 42-year-old after a video appeared in which a self-proclaimed life coach talked about how to humiliate women during sex.

Generally speaking, formats like Jungle Camp, Celebrity Big Brother, all Bachelor formats as well as Celebrities Under the Palm trees are considered a type of television that only shows the worst sides of people. And without any consequences. It often resounds as immoral. But it’s always the other way around.

The bachelor also had to live with the consequences

The youngest bachelor, Sebastian Preuss, lamented that he had lost his sponsors after it was made public that he had been convicted of beating a man with a swan. His insulting behavior towards the candidates certainly contributed to this as well. So Trash TV is not a world completely detached from reality.

Bastian Yotta must have felt it too. After he and Carina Spack gained attention with their worst attacks on Celebrities Under the Palm Trees, both business partners lost. Protz-Proll Yotta now even has to say goodbye to German reality TV because of his misogyny coaching video and video set to show him torturing a dog. Because after RTL and Sat.1 ruled out further projects with him, the 42-year-old didn’t have many options left.

Not that bad. Strictly speaking, Yotta never really had great entertainment value. The then Bild journalist Ingo Wohlfeil discovered Yotta, whose real name is Gillmeier, in 2015. He is ashamed of it, he has always stressed him for several years, but his career went on. The “Bild” articles were followed by a mini-series as part of the Pro7 “taff” program, which was mainly about Bastian Yotta and his then-girlfriend Maria, who were rich and beautiful and spent a lot of money.

Yotty’s goal: a career in television

In 2017, he participated in the RTL dating program “Adam Sucht Eva” before moving to a jungle camp in 2019, thus achieving one of his goals, as explorer Yotta Wohlfeil at the time said. He gained attention with a large amount of money that he borrowed from an elderly couple to pursue his television career.

Bastian Yotta tried to advertise himself as a motivational coach in a jungle camp.

Imago stocks and people

But the person of Bastian Yott just wasn’t interesting enough. The story of the swanks was told fairly quickly and it is no longer interesting. So in the jungle he tried to pretend to be a life coach – and in fact junk TV fans still cite Yott’s mantra “strong, healthy and full of energy”. However, he got airtime mainly thanks to the ongoing dispute with candidate Chris Töpperwien.

Yott’s staging as a motivational trainer doesn’t work

He tried the same with Celebrities Under the Palms, but neither the applicants (only the loyal, gullible Tobi took part) nor the show’s producers (hardly focused on the morning exercise) wanted to know about it. He tried to present himself as a teacher and really seemed to believe he was someone who could give something to others, even though his motivational book – Yotta’s Bible – only contained well-known cliche. It seems, as seen from show to show, to be one of those people who finally believe their own lies.

When he realized that Claudia Obert was stealing his airtime on “Celebrity under the Palms” with his quarrels with Désirée Nick because she was just a more interesting, deeper character, the motivation suddenly stopped. The bullying has started. “He can manipulate the world,” Wohlfeil quoted a former Yotta employee a year ago. Yotta-Ex Natalia Osada also confirmed this last week in a teary Instagram video.

In the finale of “Celebrities Under the Palm Trees”, Bastian Yotta celebrates himself. It has to be done. Sat 1

He was able to manipulate himself until he won “Celebrities Under the Palm Trees”, becoming the leader of a celebrity junk group that did not tolerate any criticism and was met with formidable passive aggressiveness. It was his last victory on German trash TV and a great defeat at the same time. Yotta apparently suppressed the fact that his behavior had made enemies in the past who did not want him to portray himself as a millionaire and successful motivational speaker despite cheating on them in terms of money, time or affection. The first comrades reported last year while Yotta was in a jungle camp.

Bastian Yotta doesn’t need trash formats

A large proportion of garbage fans gave him a cold shoulder for a long time. The ratio of manipulative malice and low entertainment value never matched. He is not a Wendler who also polarizes, but most of all, he ensures a good time in front of the TV. Maybe it wouldn’t have been booked anyway. However, the revelations of recent weeks and the behavior of “Celebrities Under the Palm Trees” brought the final end of Yotta’s television career. He will have to nibble on it financially, but viewers will overcome it – and formats can only win without him.

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