Barbara Schöneberger found it funny, her husband less so

Your second issue “Do you understand the fun?” is actually the first: Barbara Schöneberger will be the presenter on Saturday again – and this time failures are almost impossible. Almost a bit of a shame …

What’s the fuss on April 2, 2022 at 20:15 in the first? The eagerly awaited Prime Minister Barbara Schöneberger as the moderator of “Do you understand the fun?” It started with five minutes of silence – although the 48-year-old artist was seen singing and dancing in the tuba. In its second issue of “Do you understand fun?” on Saturday (June 25, 8:15 pm, Das Erste) – this time not live, but recorded – Barbara Schöneberger will not repeat itself again. Which is almost a bit of a shame, as the presenter explains in an interview. A conversation about Schöneberger’s desire for chaos, the magic of poorly prepared entertainment and a highly stylized “gender war” in German show business.

prisma: Your first live performance “Do you understand the fun?” hit the headlines due to the complete loss of sound that ruined your gala song and dance performance. Were you angry

Barbara Schöneberger: No, I didn’t hear about it in the corridor. We heard everything. By the way, also in the ARD live broadcast. The almost five-minute sound loss “only” affected classic TV broadcasts at Erste, ORF and Schweizer Fernsehen. When you think about it now, it was fun. Somewhere someone pulled the wrong cable or turned the wrong lever. As a result, a program number that had been developed and practiced over many weeks was simply fragmented.

prisma: Was it really possible to hear everything in the corridor?

Barbara Schöneberger: Yes, everything was perfect there. It wasn’t until later that I realized all the excitement. Also comments like: “Why did Schöneberger forget to turn on the microphone?”

prisma: Do you find it unfair?

Barbara Schöneberger: Well, at least back then people had a topic and could write things like “ARD is too stupid, what exactly is going on with our license fees?” However, my husband was annoyed by such comments as he knew how much we had put into the trouble. I cannot argue with such things, because somehow it touches me. It shows that we are all only human beings who can fail consistently. I find it comforting and beautiful.

prisma: Do you read reviews of your programs?

Barbara Schöneberger: No, never. In private, I also do not talk about my work. Most of my friends and acquaintances don’t even know what I’m doing. Sometimes they call and I have to cut it short because I have to be on stage five minutes later to moderate a German TV award or something.

prisma: Your second program “Do you understand the fun?” is now a recording. Does it make you feel better or worse?

Barbara Schöneberger: Our second program is actually the first because it was recorded ahead of a live program that was already broadcast. We’ll always do it this way: we produce two programs in a row twice a year, which saves a lot of money and resources. I always feel best when I approach something completely virgin. That’s why I really like this first show, which you can see only now. Because there is so much spontaneity and magic of the “first time”. Elyas M’Barek was one of the first guests, he was just laughing all the time. I like something like that. There was such a relaxed atmosphere right away …

prisma: Have you analyzed why you love spontaneity so much?

Barbara Schöneberger: I think I’m the best when I’m spontaneous. I would also describe myself as insanely lazy. Good and meticulous preparation sometimes gets on my nerves. Maybe I just don’t want to compete with those who prepare well. Because when in doubt, everyone is good at what they do. I prefer to see myself in a different category. True to the motto: How far can you go without having to prepare anything? But it must not be forgotten that the huge team does exactly that in advance – namely to get everything well prepared. But I get bored easily myself. For example, if you want me to break a joke twice. I don’t expect the cinematographers and all the other studio colleagues to do this as well. That’s why I like to do everything as spontaneously as possible.

prisma: Are you in the right place to watch TV if you hate routine? After all, performances are also staging …

Barbara Schöneberger: Yes, but it always depends on how you do it. For example, if I have to recite a clip, I’m actually always the best on the first try. But there are also directors who say, “If you did a great job, let’s do it again!” I don’t think I’ve ever done anything better on my second or sixth try than I did on my first try. But people have different standards when judging something like quality in entertainment.

prisma: Did you learn to be lazy from Thomas Gottschalk? He is considered the master of poor preparation …

Barbara Schöneberger: It’s a question of personality. Either you can deliver under the circumstances or you can’t. Gottschalk can do that, and I think so can I. But many of our colleagues work differently, they don’t feel this chaos, and I understand it too. You must want and be prone to chaos. But I don’t think running this program is rocket science as well. Several people come and talk to them. In the meantime, you watch very funny movies and then sing a little. The show is over!

prisma: At the beginning it was read “Do you understand the fun?” Her first classic Saturday show is. Were you aware of this?

Barbara Schöneberger: I think that’s true. Because when I was seen on Saturdays, I was on stage with Thomas Gottschalk and Günther Jauch (in “Because they don’t know what they’re doing”, RTL, editor’s note). I also don’t remember what I was doing on the day of the week. In any case, I wouldn’t try less on Wednesday than Saturday. “Do you understand fun?” so it didn’t seem new to me.

prisma: In fact, the big programs on German TV that had to do with games or quizzes were almost always made by men!

Barbara Schöneberger: Yes, almost everything in this world has been done by men until now – but that is changing now. There are a lot of good women on German TV, I don’t worry about that. Nor do I feel that I am the only person who can moderate a large entertainment program in Germany: Carolin Kebekus, Carmen Nebel, Helene Fischer or Anke Engelke, who recently starred in Who’s Stealing My Show? “hit the big thing spontaneously. I think it will all work out with time. I never really paid attention to whether I am enjoying a man or a woman. The main thing is that it’s funny.

prisma: Let’s move on to the hidden camera videos. Television was just such pranks. Today, everyone films with a hidden camera and can capture funny things. Having a problem with the new format?

Barbara Schöneberger: I think that makes a difference. If I can take a look at how famous German celebrities are being deceived with a hidden camera or if anyone else is being deceived, whatever happens to me on YouTube. As personalized and top notch as ours, I’d say – with all the loving preparation: you won’t get that in a private joke video.

prisma: Are your pranks at all comparable to internet culture?

Barbara Schöneberger: Our pranks work very well on the Internet. Our YouTube channel will soon have 1.5 million subscribers! But Thomas Gottschalk once said that he also said “Wetten, dass ..?” stopped, because if someone jumped through three hoops on it, someone on YouTube jumps – I don’t know – 17 hoops. Our humor has changed, and most of all our speed.

prisma: What do you mean?

Barbara Schöneberger: In “Do you understand fun?”, Which I love, we also show old movies from the times of Kurt and Paola Felix. In this show, we have one in which a woman was told that her new typewriter was speech-sensitive and should be talking into the microphone. Of course, the typewriter must have written everything on its own. Today, such a movie is funny in two senses. Not only because such speech recognition actually works, but also because movies and their humor were endlessly slow back then. Still, I can laugh a lot at something like this.

prisma: So humor is always a matter of taste?

Barbara Schöneberger: Not only humor, everything in entertainment is a matter of taste. I never ask anyone around me how he found one of my programs. Sometimes I hit my manager and ask for reactions. And if he raises his thumb and says, “You don’t have to worry, that was good,” that’s enough for me. Everything I do on TV, I do primarily for myself. If nobody was watching, I probably would like it anyway, because it’s important to me if I feel good at my job, if the viewers like it, it’s even better!

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