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The party is slowly gaining momentum. Our editors are in Freiberg following the events.

After a rainy Friday afternoon, the sun returned. This, of course, cheers the guests of the 35th Bergstadtfest.

The awards ceremony at the Bergstadtfest party

The second day of the Bergstadtfest in Freiberg had a special program in store that took place far from great stages and worlds of experience. In the evening, the highest award in the Free State, the Saxon Order of Merit, was awarded to the married couple Marianne and prof. Frank-Michael Engel at the traditional Silberstadt party at the Bergstadtfest. President-Minister Michael Kretschmer took the opportunity to make this recognition in person. Your involvement in Saxony has saved historic buildings, extends to social areas and includes your successful application for the title of the World Mining Heritage of the Ore Mountains. It was a very emotional event that fully lived up to the occasion.
Otherwise, the evening sun is now shining over Freiberg after an afternoon downpour. Many people are out, at concerts or just to meet friends and enjoy the evening and night. Adventure worlds are still bustling with life until 1am. And tomorrow morning we can continue. See you at the Bergstadtfest! Good luck! (wjo)

8:40 PM: Views from the 35 meter Ferris wheel.

20:25: There’s a lot going on at the Iron Snake fairground.

7pm: There is a dense crowd on Erbische Straße.

6.50pm: The sun is shining. Marquesse will play on the main stage at the Obermarkt. Good mood.

6:45 PM: Exciting show at the historic market square in Petrikirche.

18:40:35. Bergstadtfest in Freiberg. On the main stage, the moderator Gerd Edler from Hetzdorf announces the Marquis.

18.05: The Silberstadtbahn informs by phone that there will be no tours during the Bergstadtfestoche due to closure in the center of Freiberg. According to the website of the city of Freiberg, tours will be available again from June 29. (hh)

6:00 PM: The sun is now shining on the Obermarkt. And moderator Gerd Edler keeps you entertained.

17.40: “Clown Rotnäschen” did not let the rain spoil his mood. He had a great time with the kids at Nikolaikirche.

17.30: Berggeschrey plays at Steigerlied at the end of their concert at the Obermarkt. joy and applause. It’s not raining anymore. (hh)

4:16 pm: Two Langenau women are looking forward to the Bergstadtfest.

4:10 PM: Thorsten Niebuhr, owner of the Hamburg fish buffet with stall on the Obermarkt, enjoys a herring roulade. She says, “Now we can influence everything – but not the weather.” Hope the rain will pass soon. (hh)

4:00 PM: Trade association president Anke Krause serves a customer who buys an original birthday card from her stationery store on Obermarkt. Then he looks out the window and says: “You already feel that there are more tourists in the city.” They are often former Freibergers. “You know many of them from their faces,” says Anke Krause. About the program of the Bergstadtfest, he says: “It’s unbelievable what it consists of.” However, the festival is less of a merchant festival where visitors come to shop at local stores. Most of them take place in streets and squares. (hh)

2.45pm: An umbrella on the Obermarkt in Freiberg is enough. It’s raining. (hh)

12:00: Team Lotte from Ravensburg does a soundcheck at the Obermarkt. The young songwriter (born 1995) turns out to be a great singer. There are already several places on the market. Many visitors are having lunch here. The culinary choice is large. (hh)

11.02 .: The construction of the medieval market is in full swing. Freya’s Multicia stand is already operational. There, visitors can buy medieval robes.

On Friday at 11:00 in the Obermarkt in Freiberg, it is still calm before the storm. Work is underway on the main stage, merchants are preparing their stalls, and passersby are strolling around the market square. A street musician is playing. (hh)

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